Facial metamorphosis, seeing faces wrongly and alcohol

Hi guys,

Has anyone ever experienced faces not looking right?

I absolutely cained the alcohol last night at our staff Xmas party. It was a stupid thing to do but I did it. I had a bloody good time. However, today my pulse is seriously weak and I have a weird pain in my right arm.
The weak heart is really worrying me. I’m scared to sleep. I think it’s mixing my drugs with alcohol.

Anyway… My heads been on another planet, floaty wise all day but to tonight, I was talking to my friend and as I was looking at him, suddenly his mouth looked wrong, and then looked like it was on his forehead. It sounds nuts but I don’t really have any other way to describe it. It just looked like he was talking out of his forehead and his forehead was now his chin.

I freaked out big time, I got a hot and wooshing feeling from my head, down my limbs leaving them tingly and to my toes.

This weird face/mouth thing then happened a few more times.

When I was doing my make up, I was scared looking at my face incase it happened again and then it stays like that.

I was sure I’d read something about a case of a patient not being able to see faces properly in one of Dr Oliver Sacks books, so I googled it and I came across this- facial metamorphosis.

migraine-aura.com/content/e2 … ex_en.html

Other people describe it. One sounds quite similar:
’ in between i get what i call the Picasso Effect, where people’s eyes suddenly migrate to the same side of their noses when i look at them, or their mouths expand until the corners are nudging their ears, such stuff.

Other good consise article on aura:
migrainetalkblog.wordpress.com/2 … ing-again/

If anyone else has ever had anything like this I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve looked in the mirror before and not been able to see my face as a whole before- having to focus one one feature at a time, but this is quite different and very bloody alarming and scary. I’m sure it’s ‘only’ migraine but its so screwed up& I’m worried it could become a chronic symptom one day- everything else seems to of.

Thanks. (Freaked out) Lou x

im sorry to hear this that sounds really scary! can i make an observation- it seems like you often get problems from alcohol- is it worth drinking if it makes you feel worse???

Yeah, I am aware that alcohol is the cause of the heightened auras and weird stuff and I usually keep alcohol level low. I don’t go out and get smashed every week. However, on the rare occasion it is sometimes hard to resist not to have a blow out and return to the person you were before, without MAV.
I’m not really asking about problems with alcohol. I’m asking if anyone has had the facial metamorphosis.

Hi Lou,

I get this with my typical migraines where I look at people’s faces and I just can’t register them. They don’t seem right, I can’t understand the expressions and it feels like features are missing from their face?! As soon as I realise it’s happening, I then start to get tingly on one side, can’t speak and my tongue goes all numb.

I’d say the alcohol probably messed with you a bit and I’d probably rest and drink lots of water and reign in a bit until you feel better. Sometimes I’m fine with drinking, sometimes I’m awful for 3 or 4 days afterwards! So I know how you feel. :frowning: