I. was in thr supermarket never had ttouble before and i felt sudden faintness and rush of adrenaline. Anxiety or vm?? Im scared to stand and in my car scared

Pretty common for both VM and anxiety. How are you now?

Was it vm or anxiety? Can vm make u feel like that. Ive veen ok for 2 mths always have tinnitus and fullness but i can deal with that.

Anxiety can do that by itself, but VM and anxiety often go together. Maybe VM threw some symptoms at you and triggered anxiety.

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Yes, a short rush of anxiety is very common in MAV. It happened to me on the run up to the start of chronic MAV.

See the reported list of symptoms here.

Impossible to tell from this distance. You are the best person to work that one out. If it’s VM - and supermarkets are a notorious VM trigger - it’s not surprising. Supermarkets are packed full of sensory stimulants. Going into a supermarket if your tolerance thresholds are low is like pouring a can of petrol over a brightly burning fire. It’s just asking for trouble. I notice according to your user card you aren’t on any medication for VM. Perhaps that might be worth looking into? Helen

Ive felt ok. I feel like im going to faint daily and dizzy upon standing i think its doff to vm never had prob in supermarket before.

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There is a first time for everything and it comes as a surprise, I had MAV for more than ten years before I started to react in supermarkets. Symptoms change as time passes. For me everything just very gradually got worse without medication. I went then from being dizzy in supermarkets to being unable to stand up at all and had to avoid supermarkets large and small for a couple of years. It must all depend on current threshold levels. If you don’t want to try medication you could try FL41 tinted glasses and/or a brimmed hat. Helen

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Before MAV flared for me, I used to get intermittent dizziness, a feeling of falling backwards and the same faint feeling, like you are about to pass out. Now that MAV is more chronic with daily symptoms, I recognise that faint feeling as a symptom of MAV, it can cause anxiety but I’ve never actually fainted and it eventually passes. It comes on when I work too hard at the computer


I have fainted several times but not for many years. Keeping a steady low glycemic diet makes all the difference for me. That and knowing however weird MAV gets it’s more upsetting than it is dangerous.


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