Falling feeling

Does anyone get random falling feelings with MAV? Not a drop attack - where you literally fall - just a sensation of plunging downward. I get them randomly throughout the day but find them also triggered by movement. They last a split second and are often accompanied by a skipped heartbeat (ectopic beat/pvc). Yesterday i came back from the bathroom ,sat down on my bed and had a really bad episode of a constant falling sensation that lasted about ten minutes. I had lots of skipped beat palpitations, i flushed up - my cheeks and chest went very hot and red in a wave of heat that came on - and felt incredibly anxious. As soon as that falling started to ease, my palpitations disappeared.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

I’ve read that vertigo caused by menieres can cause irregular heartbeats so i’m thinking MAV can too.

“Palpitations and irregular heartbeat join the list of symptoms that accompany vertigo. It is unclear why it occurs. Although rarely happens, irregular heartbeat occurs at the late stage of Meniere’s disease. Your heartbeat will return to normal once the vertigo is gone.”

I don’t have any hearing loss and only very mild fullness in both ears which i have always had from MAV. I’m sensitive to certain sounds like rustling paper, but also feel increased dizziness just from the sound of someone speaking to me, or when i speak. Just a short sentence makes me feel even more dizzy than usual. It’s bizarre.


I think the heartbeat thing is pretty straightforward:

Vertigo → Anxiety → Increase in heart rate (fight or flight)

It’s a very similar reaction to when/if you lose your footing on a cliff edge or steep hill.


all the time – either plunging or getting shoved to the side very quickly when im only sitting still


Yes, I get that sensation too (falling feeling). Doesn’t usually last very long (a few seconds). Also have PVCs, although I haven’t really noticed a correlation between the two.

Just one of the many delights of vestibular migraine!


Has a doctor told you pvcs are part of vm?

No, I meant the falling sensation was a symptom of vestibular migraine. Not sure if PVCs are

They scare me whenever they happen. I hate them. Only felt them since vm started. They seemed to go away for the most part when i was on flunarazine.

I had that dropping sensation. I had a chance conversation with someone who has anxiety - no VM and they said it is a symptom of anxiety and that they get it too. Turns out mine was caused from anxiety, when it happened I just told myself oh it’s just the bleming anxiety and it went away. I had it very bad. I’ve also read it can be a symptom of PPPD.

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