Falling off the edge of the earth

Sometimes this is how I feel. Does anyone know what I mean?

Also, consciousness - I hate the feeling that it’s been altered. I know anxiety plays a big role in causing this sometimes, but other times it’s spontaneous and I know it’s MAV. It’s hard for me to explain how I feel, but it’s a little like derealization/depersonalization - though it varies in intensity.

oh yea! That’s a real bad one. There are many past posts about depersonalization on this forum. I’m sure there are many members who will be glad to answer you in more detail about this. It really can make you feel like it’s more psychological, huh? i thought I was losing my mind. Felt like I was looking through the bottom of a coke bottle. once was so freakin’ weird i actually felt detached from my body. Frightening!

my sister is an MAVer who is also in denial about it - she has migraines and dizziness but calls it all anxiety. during her spells of panic she says “it takes every ounce of strength to keep myself from falling off the face of the earth” I say, yeah, Peg, I know that one.

So, yea, that’s a bad one. Does it come on fast? does it feel panicky? Does it happen in certain situations?

My state felt altered for a good two years. Until i started treatment. Zoloft actually helped that. I remember the day I woke up and said to my husband, I feel more clear than I have in two years. And believe me, i was still squinting my eyes and fumbling around and dizzy as heck. But it was a turning point.

God how we suffer :frowning:

Do you have treatment? If not, get it, there is hope!