Falling on stairs / slopes

So, over the last 6 months I’ve had a few trips/ falls, the latest of which was last week on some stairs, on the corner & I went flying down. I’ve managed to break my ankle this time - great! The first time in the summer I slipped in the rain on a slope and went down. I just wondered who else has this as a symptom? What I can make of it is that if I’m not on a flat surface my balance goes & bam! Am guessing I need to hold onto the hand rails more!

Can you try using a cane or a walker? i have a lot of trouble on uneven ground and also slopes- all i can do at this point is just try to avoid them- even using a walker on slopes I feel like I will tip over, and stairs are impossible, i just wobble and lose my balance. if you don’t feel safe doing something then just try to avoid it I guess, that is all i can do at this point, i have completely lost the ability to do stairs without injurying myself and slopes too.

something odd actually, i didnt really have trouble with slopes UNTIL i got a walker- when i could use a cane i could handle mild slopes, but something about using a walker totally screws me up- my pt said something about having 4 pts of contact on the ground- my brain thinks i am tipping over- but i have to use the walker now a cane isnt enough help. don’t know im sure everyone’s experience is different but at least with a walker hopefully it can stop u from actually falling.

are u on any meds now? any luck with them?

I actually wiped out on a hill (driveway) at work a couple of months ago. Didn’t really feel like it was VM-related (more like a shoe issue), but who knows. Sprained my ankle, and ended up with an avulsion fracture on my foot. Lovely. Was in a walking cast for 7 weeks. Been out of it for 2 now, and suspect it’ll be a few more weeks before things are back to normal… Fun times.

Really, though, I’ve found that my biggest difficulty is walking to the mailbox at the end of the driveway when I get home from work. Now that it’s dark by 6, walking to get the mail in the dark is really tricky since it ramps up the walking on marshmallows feeling. Argh.

Erika, poor you :frowning: sounds very similar to what I did last week. From what I can make out is if 1 factor is taken away then the situation can cause a problem. So for you it’s the dark & maybe the shoes, for me it was the slippery carpet & distraction. Slopes again, uneven ground , guess it makes sense , testing our balance systems further when they are already compromised. Would you agree? X