FAO Scott

Sent you a PM mate reference following up a success story posted by somebody…Did you get it?


Yup, got it … will follow up and see if we hear anything more. S

Thanks…The guys story sounds like an interesting one that brings hope for us all


Hi Scott, just remembered this one so thought I’d drag it back up

Did you ever try and contact the guy?


Chris – here’s some new info:

In terms of side effects with pizotifen, almost as soon as I started taking them (1 tablet before bed), I felt extremely tired throughout the day, for about a month and then it stopped almost overnight. Not sure if this was tablet related or viral. Other than that no side-effects, but I am taking the minimum dose.

I have been on them for 3 months now and so far have felt normal, after the initial month of tiredness and slight balance problem around my cycle time.

Hope this helps