Faraway look in eyes


I often find that my eyes revert to that far away look when you are staring into distance and not focusing. I can focus perfectly if I need to or want to but it’s almost by default at times they revert to this.

Anyone else get this? I’ve had eye tests etc but all good.


Yes, I’ve noticed this. It’s somehow easier to not have to focus on anything. Mind you, I think I’ve always had it. Always used to get told off at school for being ‘away with the fairies’ :lol:

I get this as well… happens during times of brain fog. I sometimes wonder if I’m not doing the wrong thing by trying to push through these episodes when the dizziness hits and the brain fog and the ‘head full’ feeling and what not. If I had a migraine with intense pain (like I used to get) I would stop and lie down and not do anything until it went away… but without the pain to tell me to stop I just keep pushing through. Maybe that’s a bad thing.

OK - I’m rambling.

The look we’re talking about worries my sweetheart, because it can mean brain fog or even mental absence. The same thing is true of certain locutions, and of nonsensical or vague responses to her questions. They can lead her to think I’m zoned out or, perhaps, recovering from being zoned out, but not clear-headed enough to understand what she’s said and so trying to fake it.

I too get this all the time!!! It was the first thing I noticed that started to scare me when this whole thing first started!! My ear Doc said they dont know what I am talking about, but my psyc said it was form the overexcited brain that needs to rest( anxiety related).

Yes… I’m told by My family that this is what happens just before a migraine.
They all say there is a strange look on my face durig an attack.
I often find myself not being able to pull myself out of it.

Well, I was born with a wandering left eye, it goes 45 degrees out. The right eye is a little bit lazy too, it goes about 20 degrees out at times. So I always have a far away look. I can force the eyes to align, but it takes extra effort. I have had double vision since childhood.

When I was single and in the dating scene, I would often go on dates where I would be sitting at a restaurant and the woman would say, “Why are you looking at other girls? Why don’t you focus your eyes on me? That is very rude?” Then I would have to explain about my wandering eyes. I must admit there were a few times that I used my eyes as an excuse – I really was looking at other girls! LOL.

Unfortunately I am now relying on my eyes to stabilize, and the fact that I have wandering eyes and double vision makes it all that much harder.


Yes, my family as well says I get the “far away look” when I’m having a bad stretch, whether it be a day or a month. They pretty much can tell how I am by my face and eyes. Very interesting how this is consistent among us MAVer’s.