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Fast forward... 7 years

I haven’t been on this forum in years because my MAV symptoms improved so much over time that I didn’t need it anymore. This week it occurred to me to share my story, as hope for others. I felt so hopeless at the time I discovered this forum. Since then, I’ve been through many life events, two kids (ages 3 and 6) and several jobs.

I don’t have any big exciting breakthrough news, but for me, cutting out beer, hard liquors with the exception of an occasional vodka mixed drink, red wine and coffee nearly 10 years ago made a HUGE difference. (But what does she drink!?? White wine, black tea).

I still suspect that birth control may have made things worse for the many years I was on it. I’m now on Mirena instead of pills and rarely have issues.

My biggest to this day triggers are over- or under-sleeping – more or less than 8 hours and I’m lethargic, groggy and dizzy – actual motion such as boating/airplane turbulence and occasional hangovers. All of those things are manageable and temporary. My day-to-day life has improved so much that I still work an office job (and have even risen to executive level at a financial company) and I do just fine.

I hope this helps in any way! For so many years, I turned to this forum in anguish and tears trying to find anyone who could help me - even doctors failed. I eventually treated myself. Hang in there! I know everyone is different and probably has different triggers, but if I can help one person, it’s worth it.


@MelissaH thanks for coming back :), and great you are doing happy and healthy.

@MelissaH Thanks so much for coming back and sharing your great news with us! It is such a relief to hear that life can get better. I know there are a fair amount of success stories, but each one boosts up the hope even more!

Thanks for coming back. Your story made me smile. I love success stories more than the world’s most informative posts.


Thank you so much… I am at that stage now 9 months in and struggling… thank you for my hope

Yes…nice to read something wihich gives hope.
Im 4 years in and still very much struggling

Thanks for coming back and giving everybody hope!
Did you take any meds at all, or just cut out those triggers?


That is great news! I’m going on a little over tow years with symptoms and recently they have been somewhat under control. I find stress and anxiety are huge triggers and try to avoid those. Maybe time will heal as it did in your case and watching what triggers the symptoms. There is hope!

Sorry, just saw this. I did try meds for a while - everything from anxiety drugs to beta blockers (I think? It’s been a while). I recall trying Verapamil and Prozac. Nothing worked enough to stay on them. Diet, exercise and sleep management worked best for me. And who knows, maybe just time passed and my brain began to heal.

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