Does anyone else find it really hard to stay awake at night? Once half 10 comes I’m falling asleep whilst watching tv, I’m doing it now even though I didn’t get up till 11 this mornin? Anyone else experiences fatigue like this and if so how can I prevent it from happening

I have the opposite problem. Can’t keep eyes open all day. Then 10pm comes and I can’t switch off.

Go figure!

p.s Are you regulating your sleep pattern and going to bed and getting up the same time every day, even on wkends?

I go through a phase of falling asleep around half 9 about 3 hrs after my dinner, I think this may be related to blood sugar as after I have walked around and got ready for bed I wake up, then I cant sleep until 2 or so in the morning, then wake up all through the night. I too, keep wanting to sleep at different times throughout the day, I think the background headache plays its part too.


It’s hard to get a regular sleep pattern as I work shifts so my times of work change from day to day, but since living with my partner I have been awake by 6 in the morning coz his alarm goes off and I can’t get back to sleep I roughly go to bed at bout 11 each night, at the weekends every other sat I’m up at 6 and normally go to bed by 12 but on Sunday I like to lay in so I’m awake by 9 and going to bee by 11, it’s like the moment I relax on the sofa my eyes just won’t stay awake I have to always be doing something to stay awake, when I have cat naps for bout 10 mins on the sofa and get up to go to bed I’m awake in bed for 1/2 hour it’s crazy lol