Fear caused by vertigo?

Hi all,

for 7 years I’ve been suffering from Vertigo now. Over the
time I also developed all sorts of fears and anxieties. I believe that those
fears started to show around 4-5 months after my first vertigo attack. But the
doctors keep on telling me it was the other way round. All psychosomatic and
stuff, but I still believe that the vertigo and this terrible body feeling has
totally crushed by self confidence and that caused anxieties.

So, I would love to hear from you about your experiences !
Do you all experience fears or only some of you ? Did they show up immediately
or only later ?

I once tried Bromazepam, the assured me that the vertigo
would go away from it as my vertigo was only caused by fears and anxieties.
Well, the result was that the next day (I took the pill 1 hr before I went to
sleep) my vertigo was worse then ever. I was staggering as if I was totally
drunk, I had to hold on to walls or whatever I could grab. However: I perfectly
didn’t care about it. The vertigo was worse than ever, but it just didn’t
bother me at all …

I would love to hear about your experiences !!!

Best regards


No way!!!

I have a theory that because inner ears can be unstable, ie change characteristics over time, the brain has a very hard time compensating for certain kinds of disfunction.

Imagine if air bubbles were trapped in your inner ear. Over time these would move about and cause changing response. How would your brain cope? Thats just one example.

Such is the potential complexity of the impairment I doubt very much that it could be psychosomatic.

It seems to me ENTs know very little about the detail of what goes on in inner ear disfunction and are in no way informed enough to accuse people that it’s all in their heads!!