Feedback on Dr Luxon

Anybody can tell me how dr Linda Luxon is?

Very good, I saw her for what I thought was BPPV. She saw me and did a load of tests. She diagnosed MV or VN or possible early Meniere’s .Post test narrowed down to VM. Prescribed a load of VRT and Amitrip. Had to come of Amitrip as I am an airline pilot and cant work on it. Now on Propranolol which I’m not sure helps yet.
I had 3 bad headaches over the years aged 17,30,40 but never diagnosed or thought of as migraines
My symptoms are very mild, disequilibrium tinnitus and a brief feeling looking up or down. Only affects me every 6-8 weeks or so. Always on waking after turning over too my right lying down.I have also had a clicky ear swallowing and occasional earache. Got a bit of fog and tension type headaches too.
If I was nt a pilot I would nt need to see her again but keep going every three months to try and get my medical certificate back.
I think my trigger is lack of sleep from my long haul flying but not sure really.
Every visit I ask if she thinks I will recover totally and she says yes. I have had this now for just over a year but there are some funny turns I had had over the last 3-4 years that I have thought were other things that I now think are VM.

Everyone I have met at the clinic at 70 Grafton way is very nice and Prof Luxon is charming. The clinic is 5 mins walk from Warren St tube.

Hi and thank you for all the info, I used to be a cabin crew lol, when flying I am 100% but when I get off the airplane it’s bad!!
My symptoms are also mild but there are there every day. Brain fog and some weird feeling in the left eye. i am already on 2 preventive meds but I am aiming to be 100% so I wanted to change doctor.

Now that’s interesting!

My tinnitus drops with altitude

I had 18 years on shorthaul being absolutely fine and then 2 1/2 years in to longhaul the fun began, always when I was in the hotel sleeping after a flight. I’d often not sleep for 24 hours and the spend 12-13 hours in bed trying to catch up on lost sleep and always felt in needed more sleep. Never could sleep before pick up in a foreign hotel.

Good luck with it, she tends to release her available days to her secretary Veronica Davey a few weeks in advance, I can usually get one with 2-3 weeks notice if private. Veronica is very efficient. All the testing is done on site and painless.
Prof Bronstein was the other specialist recommended to me but I found his secretary a bit hit and miss so ended up with Prof Luxon


Yes I know, I asked my dr and had no clue why

sounds like you should go back to shorthhaul!
good luck

sounds like you should go back to shorthhaul!
good luck