Feel better on MAV diet - cancel caloric test?

I feel about 80 percent on the MAV diet. Im very pleased. Im sure caffiene was the trigger. I am supposed to have caloric and other tests done this week but am wondering if i should cancel through fear of the tests putting me back to dizzyness ? I mean air/water in the ear cant be a nice experience ? Did anyone feel worse after having these tests ?


I think everyone is so different - I was made much worse by the tests but I did have them early on - about a month into this mess. I was worse for about a week. I know others who were not affected all that much and others only for a short time - a few hours.

If you are getting good results with the diet, that’s great! That kind of proves migraine right there - in my opinion.
If you decide not to do the testing now, you can always do it later if you get worse.


Hmm, I can certainly understand your concerns, but I think I would go ahead and get that test over with for peace of mind if nothing else. That way you won’t have to wonder in the back of your head “what if my next relapse is worse/different, and i have to set up that test all over again?” Another thing you could do is start making arrangements for the week in case it makes you worse. Me personally, I was only dizzy for 10 minutes after test was over. (results were normal btw). The center I went to required that transportation be provided in case you have residual dizziness. The worst part about it was prepping. Mine was strict (i.e. no caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, benzos, allergy meds, decongestants, or pain pills…i’m sure i’m missing something…for at least 48 hrs prior to test)

The caloric test was horrible for me in all honesty. I had it done relatively early in my diagnosing process as well. The residual dizziness lasted 2-3 days for me. My test came back normal and all in all I was glad I had it done. It ruled out other illnesses and for that I was grateful.
I should add I was not able to get through all of the rounds of water, but they were still able to get reliable results according to my doc.

I have heard many MAVers say that the caloric test was torture. I would cancel the test. The good results from migraine trigger avoidance are a clear sign that migraine is the crux of your problem.

It would be good to try a preventative med to improve further.

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Did anyone feel worse after having these tests ?

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Yup, I most definitely did. In fact I was a wreck for 2 weeks but in those days I was not being treated with any meds and had no idea about triggers. If you haven’t had the caloric, you probably should to see what’s going on. I’d have some valium on hand afterwards to ease the blow. Remember that some walk away from the caloric and are absolutely fine too and go out for dinner.

Dizziness induced this way may also precipitate a headache as was reported in the literature last year, especially in we MAVers.


I have had the caloric twice now. It SUX while you’re having it done but I was no worse afterwards. I’d say go ahead with it - the more information you have, the better.


I never had it and have been fine not going through the tests and have been successful utilizing self help. It depends on how much detail you want to know and if it will make a difference for you afterwards. Personally I don’t need some doctor to intentionally make me sick just for the sake of notes in my file. But I also was confident with knowing what I was dealing with and had no questions about what I was going through. It’s a personal decision. What does your gut feeling tell you? And will it improve your situation if you went through it?

I wish i had listened.

I had the tests. I came away with more questions than answers, plus i’m dizzy again.

I had nystagmus on the positional test (looking up) and my left side didn’t respond well to hot or cold in the caloric test. Right side sent me spinning.

Haven’t really gained anything from learning this.

Plan is to continue diet unless it gets worse then I will go down the meds route.

Hoping this wears off after tests.


You will get back to your baseline that you had before the tests. It took me a good week but I did go back to my usual not so fun before test baseline. You could ask the doc for something to calm the vestibular system - maybe some valium?
But, it will get better.
I believe a violent response with spinning is considered normal for the caloric test. I remember my right ear reacted more violently than my left ear but in the end both ears had what was considered a normal response. I think it shows that the inner ear is working and if it is working then vertigo cannot be coming from there.