Feeling defeated and awful

Well the past few days I feel like I’m slowly sinking back to where I used to be. Still taking amitriptyline 60mg a night. I am truly at a loss for what to do. Should I increase my dosage? Should I wait and see what happens? I have a doctors appointment next month. I’m afraid that I will just have to keep upping the medication. I also notice my old symptoms coming back if not wanting to do anything, wanting to lay around and sleep. What’s the point? I am so young and this has already exhausted me.

So sorry that you feel like this…if it’s any help - we’ve all been there! Try to do a little research, try reading some of the older post and the ‘success’ section, …perhaps you’ll find something that will help you.

Thank you @mazzy. It is very hard. I hope that through each pitfall I can make it out and lead a greater life. I hope that for everyone. Thank you for responding. I honestly think the more people share their stories, the more advice can be given.

I know it is hard, Camille. But you cannot give up. You should not. You are young and life can be beautiful. No matter what.

Yes, because you know doubt have loved ones in your life you HAVE to battle on and whilst you do so it WILL get better. Every 6 months you should be able to look back and say ‘I’ve improved since then’

It is amazing how long it takes but I’ve found you do get better.

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