Feeling frustrated

I’m feeling very frustrated because I was doing pretty well overall for a while and the past few days if I’ve been slowly not feeling too good. And I’m just wondering what’s going on in my body that’s malfunctioning? I’ve had my ears checked I’ve had my brain checked and it just puzzles me as to why you can feel good and then feel bad. I’m still on 60 mg amitriptyline and have the option to increase but I’m not sure what to do yet . I’ll wait it out a few days but this is just very exhausting and my overall goal is to have better overall wellness down the road with less bumps in the road. Is that even possible?

Does anyone think that there could be a correlation to something in the ear? Because my right ear will pop frequently but I don’t remember it popping when I felt better but it has been popping the last few day. So I don’t know if that has something to do with it? But I have had my ears checked twice.

Sorry you are having a bad patch. It should improve again. Mine always has. I’ve had some incredibly uncomfortable and vicious attacks, but my balance these days is almost as good as prior to this monster visiting. My recent relapses have been much milder and I haven’t had vertigo for a couple of months now. I’m about 2.5 years in.

Yes I can’t help feeling that one day there will be better tests that are much more definitive.

Out of interest, except for popping, do you get any tinnitus?

Hey turnitaround. No I actually have not experienced any tinnitus. Just the occasional popping from my right ear. And yea, just trying to be positive and figure this out somewhat. Was feeling almost like my old self again and now I’m still feeling kinda off. Trying to get lots of sleep and be positive. It’s hard sometimes.

Also I am on 60mg amitriptyline but I’m wondering if I should increase. My doctor wants me to go to 75 my but when will enoughbe enough? I’m feeling so out of it today and lethargic and I’m wondering if I am depressed to? I would like to stick at one dose of amitriptyline but I feel like I have to keep going up and that worries me. Any advice?

That’s quite a high dose. Even Dr. Hain suggests 30mg-50mg. I didn’t get full relief at 20mg but stuck there as compromise. 30mg made me more not less dizzy. I have had a lot of bad days and relapses but finally starting to feel more normal. You can go up if you like but it may make you feel worse. Amitriptyline has an effective window above which it won’t help you more.

Yea who knows. I was feeling fine at 60mg for a while but now not so sure. Who is this Dr. Hain? I have also heard of other people who have done well at higher doses so I’m trying to see where I fit in that.

Dr. Hain is a leading ENT in the US.

Here is his website

One thing to bear in mind: the medicine should improve your symptoms but it’s not a cure and not guaranteed to relieve all the symptoms, and not all of the time.

You are extremely fortunate you don’t get tinnitus. It’s horrid!! That’s probably also a good sign.

Yea I have to remember that about the medication. I’m just not sure if I should increase or not. I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel trying new stuff.