Feeling low :-(

hi all im really struggling with acceptance of this condition, I don’t want to accept I have to live like this forever I want to be told its going to go away but none of the doctors or ENTS have been able to say so :cry: As anyone got anything positive to say on this condition?? pleaseeeee I need an uplift!! ( or a smack round the head ha)

There are days i feel like this. Let me promise you one thing you will feel different tomorrow morning or once some of your symptoms get better. We all judge our day based on the worst event like a vertigo spell, we don’t give ourselves enough credit for all the other moments when we were close enough to normal.

I read the success stories and most of them who posted are not even in this forum anymore. Either they are better or their symptoms are mild enough that they don’t worry about it anymore. All of us will get there.

One of the doctors told me most patients find a new baseline and continue to keep that and carry on with lives. There is light at the end of the tunnel, you are just in a low spot. Acceptance is a superior feeling to even hope and gives you peace. There is a difference between acceptance and surrender. Acceptance just means you acknowledge what you are going through. You will find every means to get better and that is the exact opposite of surrender.


Good words Vignesh.

And I agree

I had a bad day 4 days ago, felt crp and down. Then within 2 days the sun came out and there were a few hours today where I felt 99%!

I don’t know if it’s just a phase for me but I’m coping without meds! I have slightly modified my diet to quit bananas, coffee, alcohol, and as little milk eggs & chocolate as possible (its quite hard to avoid those when eating out for example). I didn’t find that that hard. I have some brain wobbles esp in mixed lighting but generally I’m comfortable now. Attacks still happen but sometimes my recovery is quite quick. I accept most attacks and just ride it out. Only imbalance can really p1ss me off.

The only other thing I’m doing which was hugely useful was sleep with my head at almost 45 degrees. Unfortunately this can cause me to cough and coughing is BAD. But my ear has not leaked detectibly in 4 days. I’ve stopped using headphones. All this I’m sure is going to help long term.

Hang in there Mel!!! Good day just around the next bend. No matter how bad it gets, it always gets back to baseline or improves! I am better than I was 6 months ago, and much better than 12. If this trend continues I will be in super shape 24 months from now! :wink:

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We all have some horrible bad days. But you can improve and get better. It’s an awful condition to have but it won’t kill you and you can get 100% better or close to 100% - so yeah some days it’s hard to accept this rubbish thing happened to us, but it will improve and at least it’s not something fatal.
So - focus on the future and celebrate every 5% improvement. Diet, lifestyle, meds, de-stressing - all these things help.
If you do enough 5% improvements you’ll get to 100%

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