Feeling very strange ... last hour

In the last hour or so, I’ve started to feel easily as lightheaded /dizzy as I have in the last 10 1/2 weeks … if not even more so…

It’s been a real hard day in general, but now even sitting still to watch TV – which always works – isn’t doing it…

I FEEL like my heart’s beating out of my chest, but our pulse monitor upstairs says heart rate is normal…

Room’s NOT spinning, and vision is steady … just about. Except I feel so jittery, it FEELS like something is trembling upstairs… I can’t tell if it’s a panic attack or what, or where the shaking is coming from. But my teeth are chattering and I’m sort of trembling.

Haven’t done anything unusual today. Had a small cup of coffee in the a.m., and a soda later, but I always have caffeine … it does not make me jittery… Today has been a very tough day, though…

Is this normal? I don’t think I’ve ever felt THIS dizzy. This is a bit frightening…

  • Note: Actually, I did have this happen once, about 3 weeks ago. I accidentally took a Zoloft/sertraline (instead of another pill) and 100 mg at that … sent me into a nonstop panic mode for about the next two days…

Hi George,

It’s all pretty “normal” unfortunately. I’ve had many times like that where I was very aware of my heart beat yet my pulse was normal. All of the freaky feelings etc could all just be an aura. I seem to cycle through auras of anxiety, or dizziness, or depression. None of it lasts longer than about 24 hours until the next round. When I feel like you just described, I knock back some valium to kill it. Always works. Have you tried a benzo for these sorts of moments?

Best … Scott 8)

Hi George,

From my own experience I would say this is ‘normal’ too. It’s super scary when it comes out of the blue and you feel so awful you think - how can I feel this bad and not just drop dead? Well, maybe that’s just me… :lol: And it’s so totally debilitating - not possible to do anything when the ground is falling beneath you, you can’t see or hear properly, your heart’s racing, you’ve got tremors, numbness, derealisation, panic and so on.

I concur again with Scott (MAV guru!) that Valium is tops - even the tiniest amount can really take the edge off.

I’m at 80% now (on Prothiaden) so things are manageable and I can work (with modifications and restrictions). Even so, every day there’ll be some weird thing - like yesterday, depression out of nowhere which I don’t have today. I’m keeping a diary now and trying to identify triggers. Also, next week I’m seeing my neurologist so will thrash things out with him - 80% is good, but 100% would be better!

Good luck,

Scott, Victoria, thanks to you both. Glad to know I’m not completely crackers. (A “head case,” yes…)

I dreaded writing the thread (even though others keep telling me to not feel funny about writing often), but boy, I was in such a fearful state, it seemed like the only thing I could do at the moment … say what was happening.

Sorry, folks. I guess the whole thing just really threw me for loops. Other than (like I said) the time I accidentally took a big Zoloft dose, I’ve never had anything like that happen. Never “trembling” dizziness, for sure.

I guess sometimes things get worse before they get better. Today was a new low – and I previously hadn’t thought I could GO any lower than some of my previous days.

Funny how easy it is to imagine all sorts of dreadful situations when your brain goes to manic mode. I’m one of those “creative” people who lives in the world of what-if’s.

George -

Last summer I woke up every morning with racing pulse feeling, heart beating out of my chest, tremors, and high anxiety. I would get it through the day too. I was glad to hear that it is common with mav. i didn’t know what the heck was wrong with me! I would not wish that on anyone. I really don’t get that now. Sometimes I get a racing, thumping heart beat, but my pulse is always normal too. I feel for you, it is not fun. Always remember - this too shall pass. You’ll be okay George. It is always good to write exactly how and what you are feeling. There are always people here who can relate and help. I know it makes me feel better to chat with everyone. We are here for you.