Feeling weird after donating blood

Have any of you ever had migraine problems after giving blood?

I donated yesterday. Admittedly I didn’t feel 100% to start with (pretty tired and had had a couple of glasses of wine the night before and was starting to get hungry) but nothing world changing.

Towards the end of donating I started to feel fairly naseous and out of it for the rest of the day. Today, even worse. Escalating physiological anxiety, medium-severe brain fog, extreme fatigue, clammy feeling, very cold and the most obvious of all - that indescribable but unmistakable ‘weird’ feeling.

So, about an hour ago I took 2.5mg of Valium. It’s helping quite a lot, except for the tiredness and brain fog (both reactions confirming for me that it’s a migraine issue).

Just curious if this is a weird, wacky one off or something other people have had…?


Hi Vic,
I actually feel a bit better after giving blood. I kind of wondered if the making of new blood made it somewhat “cleaner” so when it was going through my brain it would be better. Also, since I have a pfo (hole in heart) Ive wondered if I have “dirty” blood going through my brain that is exacerbating my mav.
Hope you feel better soon Vic!

Can’t help on this one - I’m not allowed to give blood cause I lived in “mad cow land” :frowning:

Me either - I can give blood to other mad cows, but not overseas mad cows :smiley:

This can be common after donating blood. And because we have more sensitive systems, it probably is a whole lot more uncomfortable. Drink lots of fluid, as that should increase your volume, and rest if you need it. The body is working to replace the blood that was donated. Thats why they usually make you eat and drink something at the donor site before you leave. Hope you feel better as the day goes on!

Right, no more blood donating for me. Not for a while anyway. Two chocolate milkshakes straight after donating obviously weren’t enough to mitigate the blood letting.

Today still feeling crap. Face, (esp between the eyes) head and neck pain and the spaced out thing. Going for a long walk (Clovelly to Bondi and back) on a glarey, windy day probably did not help.

Hot bath now. Maybe a Valium tonight. Massage tomorrow.

I’ve tried to give blood a number of times over the years, but only ever do one donation and then give up for a few years, because it makes me feel so crappy! I’ve had most of the symptoms you are describing. And the same after giving birth and losing blood, so I guess I just like having a full body’s worth of blood, ha ha.
Hope you start to feel better soon. For me it took me a few days to get back to normal.

Haven’t had problems giving blood, myself. Also not allowed to any more, but that’s another matter.