Anyone had any experience with Feverfew?

I remain much improved on Verapamil (vertigo all but gone) but I’m still bucking some low grade symptoms. I sure would like to find a way to drive a stake through the heart of this thing.

i’m going to tell you something that is meaingless, but i’ll tell you anyway.

I used the search function on this site and found ton of posts where it is part of a person’s cocktail of supplements, which they “think is helpful.”

Maybe some of the newcomers more definitive news.


I don’t know if Feverfew is helpful or not but I am starting a supplement called ‘Migrelief’ this weekend which contains Feverfew, Magnesium and Riboflavin, so I will let you all know how I get on.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful.


Hain doesn’t have much faith in Feverfew, but then again, he doesn’t have much faith in many SSRI’s which are helping people anyway. so I guess the best thing to do is try and see.

Is the verapamil lowering your blood pressure/pulse drastically? I’m scheduled to start it, but mine is low/normal to begin with. I am miserable, and can’t keep going on like this. I;m almost ready to go back on a higher dose of the topa and deal with not breathing. This condition is evil. downright evil.


Bos, so you’re having to make a choice between one med which could bring your BP and HR dangerously low (as well as fatigue you further) and another med which you know works but dangerously lowers your lung capacity.

Can anybody comment on verapamil and fatigue as a SE?

I’m with you, this condition is freakin’ evil :evil:

Happy Labor Day :cry:

Boslee, I did a search on “verapamil and low blood pressure” and sent you a PM

In my case Verapamil (180 mg/day) is lowering my systolic and diastolic maybe 10 points each. I tend to run on the high end of normal anyway so that’s a good thing. No significant fatigue. The medication that they were trying on me prior to Verapamil was Propranolol. Now with Propranolol there was definitely fatigue and serious exercise intolerance. Not so with Verapamil. The only side effect I can see is a bit of mild postural hypotension (ie light headedness for a minute when I stand too quickly). It’s NOTHING compared to the MAV vertigo spells I was having before I started on it. My advice with regard to Verapamil is to give it a try - its made a big difference for a lot of people.




would you mind, for some members, who are actually bradycardic and have low BP: when you say lower end of normal, what you mean by that, in numbers, as well as heart rate?

It would help calm some anxieties of members about to start verapamil, thanks.


Before Verapamil my BP was HIGH normal - 140/90 would have been typical. On Verapamil its more like 130/74 or so. Pulse hasn’t changed significant that I’m aware of - it’s 72 bpm as I sit here typing this. Incidentally, the Propranolol had a much greater effect of BP than the Verapamil has. When I was on Propranolol by systolic was often around 110 - pretty low for me.


thanks, Chaz