Fibromyalgia vestibular migraines vestibular neuritis and PPPD … anyone able to do admin?

Hello all.
I have just joined and haven’t read too much yet. My son posted on my behalf to some replies. I was retired 3 years ago and given lower tier ill health retirement, l was told that l was not permanently incapable of working but could do PT home admin. I knew at the time this was unachievable as my conditions all interlink. I have tried a variety of medications but l suffer with side effects, even at a young age. I have titrated slowly and given them months to work even though they affected me badly. I wondered if anyone in the UK had supported help in proving that triggers such as lights screens scrolling tv trigger their symptoms. I feel that l am just being handed out medications which never will ever cure me. I tried filters glasses altering brightness contrast getting rid led lights. I don’t think l can ever do admin and the reliance on computers whilst sitting at home with the pain of fibromyalgia. Many thanks

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Just to say welcome to the forum and I’m so sorry your condition has debilitated you so much.

If you perform a search you will find there is a strong association between fibromyalgia and the symptoms of migraine associated vertigo/PPPD.

@DizzyBot can you find posts discussing fibro or fibromyalgia on the forum and share the links?

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