Finally got vertigo under control

I first came to this site last March. At that time I was in a total mess and had constant brain zaps, foggy mind and mild vertigo 3-5 times a day. Now, I have stopped medication and feel well in general while taking supplement like magnesium and staying with a migrain-free diet.
I tried several medication like keppra, Trokendi, lamotrigine. Each medicine had serious side effects, in particular brain zaps. In late March, after taking lamotrigine for about 4 months, I still felt no improvement and therefore decided to taper off. The tapering was such a miserable process no matter how slowly I proceeded. But I felt at that time the brain zaps and mild vertigos were actually side effects of the medicine and was very determined in withdrawing from it. And I was partially correct. It took me almost four months to finally taper off from lamotrigine. I felt better without the medicine but still some minor vertigos here and there. Then I took Flunarizine off label for one month and did not experienced one single attack during the month. As such, I decided to stop Flunarizine to see how well I can do. The first week is a bit hard. I had some dizziness but it was tolerable and therefore resisted the idea of going back to medicine. But from the second week on, I felt totally normal. Till now, I only had one minor vertigo during my menstrual period. No more foggy mind too! I am still on magnesium, fish oil and ginger powder capsules and stay with migraine-free diet and maintain a fixed sleep schedule. I did feel kinda of dizzy or foggy and tired prior to and during menstrual period but find it tolerable. Other than that, I feel like a normal person.
Just want to share my experience with you. I do not intend to encourage you to stop your medicine. But sometimes, you may need to consider whether the constant mild vertigo attacks are really symptoms or side effects of the medicine.
Hope you can also get better and get the vertigo under control.


Thanks very much for sharing your success, I very much hope it continues for you! :heart:

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