Finding energy without coffee

Hey there -

I am feeling so tired these days and am wondering, other than B2 and Co-enzyme Q10, what other supplements might be taken to feel more energetic. I just feel like I’m dragging all the time. I know this could also just be that I’m switching to Zoloft, but fatigue has been a major symptom with my MAV.

Thanks so much -


Hi Molly ,
I hate to see your post sitting here all alone.
so I thought I’d at least pop something in.
when I need an extra kick, I use Berocca, it’s a group of B sups in a fizzy drink.
I find it helps the B2 to work better as well.
but without coffee , life is still a lvery dull.
sorry I can’t help.

jen 8)

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There’s a new (I think) thing out there called e10 Energy Drink. No caffeine or sugar, 3 calories. I think it’s vitamin-fortified and contains various herbs, including ginseng (which, by the way, is itself good for getting some energy).

Some people swear by plain old orange juice. Speaking of sources of Vitamin C, there’s a lemonade-y drink called Emergen-C. I tried it years ago. Tastes pretty good. The e10 is supposed to as well.

Or try some of those so-called energy bars sold at health stores.