First flight post-Ami

Hi all, just wanted to give you an quick update. I’m 8+ weeks in on 50mg Ami and have just successfully traveled across the country for our first vacation since I got sick. We had 2 flights, a 3 hour layover and after the fiasco of getting the rental car and a delayed flight… I had to drive in the dark in an unfamiliar place. My report to you is that I aced it! Of course there were a few uncomfortable moments, like the most turbulent flight I’ve ever had and photophobia issues on occasion in the airport and car. However, I recovered so quickly each time that I hesitate to call them issues at all. Praying the rest of the trip goes as well and I can report more good news soon. :pray:t3: Most of all, I want to be in good shape for my sweet husband who’s supported me and been so amazing for this past year of my suffering. He deserves this week to be wonderful!


That’s so awesome @Naejohn! I’m so glad you’re able to experience, successfully, traveling a great distance. I tell my husband all the time that we crave adventure after being locked away at home for a while. You give me hope! The rest of your trip will go great, enjoy the time you have there with your husband. Please update us when you get home!

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Wonderful news! Enjoy your trip!

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Wow Reneè!!! Amazing :grin::grin: so extremely pleased for you! Hope you have a wonderful time with minimal issues!! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: I have to say Ami is treating me very well also! I couldn’t be happier most days now! Lastnight I went out for dinner and had a few trigger and some chocky for the first time in months and woke up with dizziness & slight migraine! First time for a while so at least now I am aware of my triggers! Before I didn’t go one day without migraine or other life altering symptoms so I will take that! :grin:

Enjoy your trip and safe back! :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::pray: xx


Hi everyone, me again! Well… I’m back home now. So, let me start at the start:
I was so scared leading up to this trip, my anxiety was through the roof because of the flights and activities scheduled for the vacation. Activities included TWO Major League Baseball (St Louis Cardinals) Spring Trining games.

Day one: travel time was approx 8 hrs of cars, shuttles and planes. I did so well, but exhausted.

Day two: First Spring Training game in large stadium. Very loud, very hot (90+ degrees) & humid, around 6,000 people. I did pretty well with ear plugs and tried to stay hydrated. I started feeling pretty swooney about 2 hours in but powered on. Stuck out the entire game. did not drink enough water and ate poorly

Day three: Second Spring Training game. Temperatures dropped to upper 70s, I drank a lot of water and ate a good lunch just prior. I had the absolute best day! Went and celebrated with a beautiful oceanfront dinner.

Day four: Just kicked around and explored the area. Had nice meals and enjoyed the warm Florida sunshine. Never felt totally “right”, I think I was just very exhausted from the prior days.

Day five: Second big travel day. Once again, planes, shutttles and cars. Biggest issue was THREE plane delays, so our travel day was 13 hours. I was exhausted and didn’t feel like I could move my legs, which felt like 150lbs each by end of day. Drove 80 miles in the dark on the way home, which was no fun with the photophobia.

So, I would say the trip was a success!
Yes, I had hurdles. Yes, I had stressful moments. Yes, it was uncomfortable at times.
But conversely: Yes, I did it! Yes, I had fun! Yes, I can’t wait to go again… And Yes, I couldn’t have done it without Ami!


That’s great to hear! So glad your trip went well and wow, it was like a normal person’s life againreading that. You were living life to the fullest taking in all the beautiful views and traveling!! :slight_smile: