First MAV flight...I made it!

Hadn’t flown in 5.5 years; yesterday was my first time flying with MAV. Overall the flight went well, much better than I expected, although I did have a couple of issues.

I decided to only take 2mg valium since I’m still nursing, but even just that little bit helped calm my head (although I think 4-5mg would have been ideal). I was mostly fine when we were just cruising in the air, but take-off and landing were pretty rough for me; I am so incredibly sensitive to motion like that (even pre-MAV, I used to come back from amusement parks and wouldn’t be able to sleep because I felt like the bed was dropping like a roller coaster). It was also a really small plane, which didn’t help matters (I often have a harder time in small spaces versus open space).

I also happened to go to the bathroom at the wrong time, just as we hit some turbulence and started our descent. When I got back to my seat, I had to ask my husband if that feeling of dropping was just me, or if it was the plane! I think that had I not been on valium, I would have been a mess when I got off the plane (as in, feeling like I was still dropping, moving, on a boat, etc.) but I was actually just fine when I got off. Taking care of the baby actually made the flight go by really fast, so I’m thankful for that!

We arrived in the evening, but oddly I had a horrible time falling asleep that night (although the baby being in a new place and up a lot didn’t help). When I used to take valium several years ago, I would take it to go to class in college and then just crash afterwards, but this time I felt strangely alert. I’m curious if anyone else has had issues with insomnia on it? I’m feeling alright today, although the lack of sleep and not eating my usual food is contributing to the MAV a bit.

Also wondering if anyone has tips specifically for take-off and landing, other than just shutting my eyes and hoping it’s over soon. I do have some meditation CDs I might try listening to, although it’s a bit hard to really concentrate (or not have my headphones pulled off) with a 9-month-old on our laps.

I’m glad we did a short test-run flight, and I now know that I’ll probably fine going to Europe in a couple months (the time change and lack of sleep won’t be good, but other that than it should be alright). I didn’t let MAV stop me from having my dream wedding, or having a baby, and I’m not going to let it stop me from exploring the world!

Good luck to those with their first MAV flights coming up…and definitely make sure to bring lots of distractions and your benzo of choice :slight_smile:

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I’m glad you made it, I’m sure that was challenging especially with the baby. I’ve yet to fly with MAV I’ve been to scared.
I do have a suggestion. When I flew with my first son when he was a baby he screamed during takeoff. We actually sat next to an ENT who told us to put plastic cups over his ears during take off and landing. Low and behold it worked. I’m not sure it will help you with MAV but it helped him with the ear pain!
Good luck!

Yay! I am SO glad to hear that. I was terrified myself…but didn’t want to miss out on that part of my life (traveling) I made two trips this year from Baton Rouge, LA. One to San Diego and one to New York. It’s the best feeling in the world knowing that you can do it. I hadn’t for like 3 years and a half. And I’m sooo happy for you, I know exactly what that feels like. And it’s the best! Hope you can make some more flights!

Glad you made it through and good on you for doing it! :smiley:

Well done for flying for the first time with MAV, I had my first flight since my Mav started in Sept this year and my experience was same as urs take off n landing horrible, I’ve flown one more time since then n my tip for take off is try very hard to focus on the seat Infront of u, sitting just behind the wing was abit better than siting at the back or on level with the wing, haven’t tried the front yet, also if traveling with ur partner hold their hand can be helpful as they aren’t falling so can make u feel a little better
Hope that helps a little I haven’t found anything to help me majorly but might help u a little as they do me.

Merry Christmas to everyone :slight_smile: