First Neurology appoint tomorrow. Advice pls

I have had this issue (I think it may be mav) since mid June. Ive managed to get an appointment for wed 1st Nov with a neurologist and im looking for any advice please. I will obviously tell them my symptoms etc and ask for an mri to rule out anything else but what else should I ask or make them aware of? Should I ask to try meds at this stage or wait until ive had mri?
Please help. Ive been waiting a ling time for this appointment and dont want to mess it up and miss my opportunity
Lyds x

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If you are getting more than 2 attacks per month prophylaxis is generally advised. However that criteria comes from migraine sufferers, not MAV. In any case it’s about optimising quality of life. Don’t waste any time trying to avoid meds if you can get relief right away, as long as you can handle the side effects.

Read Hains website, especially:


The drug flowchart at the bottom of this page is especially useful.

Good luck!


Thank you so much for those links - very useful, especially as they are in such ‘accessible’ language for lay people.
I have my first neuro appt a week today.
@Lyds - I hope you found some help.