First Time Ever Experiencing Vertigo

Hey everyone: Just over two weeks ago I began having unsteadiness…not total spinning situations, but I would feel like I needed to grab onto something to keep from falling. This has been happening every other day or so. Shortly after experiencing one of these “episodes” I feel generally unwell. Headache, a bit nauseous, my neck seems stiff and I just don’t feel well for a while. Some days it goes away quickly and sometimes lingers. I know you can’t diagnose of this site and I’m seeing my doctor on Tuesday but I am just wondering if some of you have the same unwell feeling when you have an episode. Honestly, my “vertigo” or unsteadiness only happens for about 20 to 30 seconds but it’s the general unwell feeling that lingers…just seems very strange. I would appreciate hearing if any of you are having the same symptoms. Thanks