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first time here

i’ve had this dizziness for over 2 years, been to 8 doctors. medicine i’ve tried has bad side effects. i’ve gotten the most help i believe from a cocktail of vitamins. or either just gotten use to it. some days terrible, some just bad. mainly wanted to try this to see if i’m doing it right… any help would be great, thanks herb

Hi Herb and welcome. Assuming you already have a VM/MAV or similar diagnosis?? With days as described sounds like some improvement might go down very well. It’s impossible from your brief intro to know exactly what to suggest. Maybe initially you need to plough through all this site’s Welcome and Wiki sections for more info. If you are determined to continue without medication look closely at the migraine diets and other lifestyle changes you will find on site. Then there’s the Migraine Survival Guide and the thread entitled ‘FAQs by neurologists’ both of which should give you a good grounding of the various options relating to the condition. Somewhere in there you may well find some further suggestions. Good luck.

Sorry I did not give much info, I wasn’t sure I was doing this correctly. Without knowing the different names of the drugs it’s safe to say I have tried at least three that I read about on this site. I wasn’t seeing a lot of success with themPlus I wasn’t fond of the side effects. Because I am on Suboxone and 63 years old any meds that causes me more dizziness or more fatigue or trouble urinating it’s not good for me. Any advice on anything without terrible side effects would be appreciate it. Either the vitamins I take helps or maybe I’ve just gotten more used to this terrible illness. Thanks