First time posting

Hello, first time posting although I’ve read so many of these posts. I’ll try to make it short because i know everyone has probably dealt with the same issues. Just looking for advice/support?

33/f from US

First started having dizzy/drop attack feeling here and there, especially at work and in restaurants (twice) for some reason. They’d usually last like 2-5 minutes and go away. Sometimes i felt like i would pass out but never did. Weird eyes, like reading on my phone was so hard, had to keep squinting. Felt like they were unfocused.

FF 2 months later- still having those weird feelings occasionally and then one day at work i felt awful (hairstylist) and my last client my right hand/arm just seemed like it didn’t want to work. Figured i was just that busy all day and my arms were tired. Driving home i started getting that feeling again but both hands and super nauseous, eyes feeling funny, felt like about to pass out, heart racing etc. i also had full ears, felt like liquid or something in my ears, sinus pressure. Pulled over at a urgent care place, they said “go to ER” so i did. They gave me zofran and ativan and said bppv. Gave me meclizine and zofran to take home. Zofran helped nausea but nothing touched the dizzy. So i went to a PT because i thought it was vertigo, did test, no vertigo. He said VM. I started all vitamins, started elimination diet, i have been doing both for 2 months now. Went to ENT a few days after PT and she said vestibular neuritis. Tried steroids- did nothing. A week after that i thought i was turning a corner and then i started my period and felt terrible. After that i started nortiptyline 10 mg at night, i felt so bad the first 4 days, all the same symptoms but dizzier. After 8 days i went up to 20mg, after a week or so i was feeling at least 30% better, went back to work, driving, etc. Then 2 days before my period it restarted again, almost worse. It’s like i went back to the beginning. I’m 1 day off my period and so dizzy and nauseous today. So I’m really wondering if i should go up to 30 mg of nort or what? When the ent first prescribed these they said to go up every 4 days but i have read so much about waiting weeks. I have been on 20 mg for 3 weeks now.

*i meant to add i haven’t slept well in months since feeling bad, wake up multiple times nightly which im sure doesnt help. I also began with eye twitching before other symptoms. And had some crazy fireworks in my eyes once about 3 months ago with no head pain.

Sorry so long and thank you for reading.

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Welcome @Treehair89, I’m sorry you are suffering and I hope you find the site useful.

@DizzyBot can you recommend some relevant Posts @Treehair89 might find useful?

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Welcome @Treehair89, I’m sorry you are suffering and hope you find the forum useful. Based on similar experiences and concerns regarding vestibular neuritis, here are some posts that might be helpful for you:

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