Fish Oil

Has anyone tried fish oil supplements??

Me, for a week so far. Not the capsules… but cod liver oil straight from the bottle. Absolutely DISGUSTING. Hold your nose while you swallow then eat something really strong-tasting b4 breathing and try not to belch for a few hours afterwards! The things we do…

Dunno if it’s helping yet, but I’m trying to cut out ‘migraine foods’ too like things with tyramine in. Incredibly difficult, seeing as everything I love is either aged, cured, fermented, pickled, alcoholic, nutty, containing aubergine or banana or chocolate or alcohol or caffeine. Plus I’m taking vitamin B2, feverfew and magnesium tablets. So if I feel better I won’t know why exactly!


On a similar topic, oily fish, I miss anchovies but I rather suspect that the canned critters may count as preserved fish.

lol yes the things we do…but I am aslo trying to get rid of migraine triggers. How long have you been on those supplements and have you seen any improvements or problems with them?

Well I have been on the supplements a couple of months, but it’s all a bit muddled as I’m going through a really bad patch of the dizzies now (since my diagnosis-achieving hospital visit - I’m convinced the caloric test has brought this on) and have only just started changing my diet. My dizzy bouts usually only last 1-2 weeks (ONLY?!) but this one’s been going on for at least 3 and I’m scared I’m stuck with it. Hence the diet thing.

I must say I am somewhat sceptical about ever finding something that helps this other than the passage of time (and possibly reducing stress, which is hard when you’re in the middle of it), and if/when this bout goes away I’ll probably put it down to natural burnout. But I’ll keep taking the supplements… although probably return to my daily cappuccino (totally random and inconsistent, I know, but one has to have some pleasures in life)!

The magnesium supplements I’m taking are magnesium oxide, combined with calcium, and I read yesterday that it’s best to take calcium at a different time of the day from the magnesium, and to take magnesium gluconate instead! So it’s so bl**dy difficult to get it right anyway!

Hope this doesn’t confuse you…


Actually, while I’m on the subject of scepticism and medicine, my expeerience of betahistine (Serc) is an interesting one.

I was diagnosed (wrongly as it turns out) with Meniere’s around Xmas 2008 and started on SERC (in the UK it’s the 1st line treatment for Menieres although i think not in the US). Amazingly the dizzies went away for about 10 months thus persuading me the diagnosis was possibly correct (despite having non-Menieres stuff like severe headache and light/motion sensitivity and zero tinnitus)! Then Xmas 2009 it came back with a vengeance, still while on the SERC, leading to me persuing and getting a MAV diagnosis, and stopping the SERC.

So either 1) I have Menieres after all not MAV
2) I have both
3) I have MAV and the SERC acted as a placebo
4) SERC helps MAV too

Personally I believe it’s 3).

Is there anyone out there who has MAV and finds SERC helps? (Perhaps I should’ve posted this as new thread)


Hi dizzyizzy

An audilogist took me off Serc because she said it makes migraine worse. I don’t know on what evidence she based that, maybe from anecdotal evidence of her patients, I’m not sure. She seemed to know her stuff though and was the first one of all the specialists I was seeing to come up with a diagnosis of MAV. Anyway, I wasn’t bothered about going off it because it did nothing for my dizziness. I’ve known of a few people who have taken Serc for MAV and I’ve always wondered if that audilologist had it right. She was so on the ball and so clued up that she impressed me and so I think I’ve tended to go along with her viewpoint. I did try at one point to research the subject but never came up with anything conclusive.