FIXED!: Possible site bug: New Private Message indicator

UPDATED: the housekeeping process was paused

Hey guys,

Anyone noticed that the indicator that normal appears on your avatar to show you have new private messages has recently gone missing?

Please check your inbox if you don’t see a PM, you may have received one.

Let me know if you are experiencing this bug.


Both indicators do seem to lag behind sometimes but ‘missing’ not so far. Got my Ipad back again but sometimes on this forum (dont think its happened elsewhere so far) draft I’m typing goes offline, screen goes black and ipad requests password. Broadband is steady. Any connection or is it my Ipad maybe? Helen

I’ve noticed that iPad Safari can be a bit tricky with drafting. Unfortunately I’ve already moved up to iOS 12 (Public Beta) so can’t test on iOS 11 here, apologies

Bit too much ‘computer speak’ there for me. Is this change of OS very recent cos my ipad’s only started it last few days. Hate to send Him Indoors to Apple Shop in Big City a second time on fool’s errand. Might just result in divorce proceedings! Helen

To honest: not sure. But I very much doubt it’s a hardware issue. Just wait for a few more updates.

iOS 12 update will be out this month for everyone.

OK worked this out! <phew!>

It was the ‘sidekiq’ scheduler that does a lot of housekeeping jobs for the forum … it was paused … causing all sorts of issues.

Now Unpaused!!

Apologies to anyone impacted! If you were getting slower than usual replies to your private messages … now you know why!