Flare Up/ Attack

I would be interested to know the pattern of other VM sufferers flare ups.

Mine has been for many many years a build up of triggers (mainly stress and a lesser degree over doing thing’s in respect of work) and boom. A decline over a week where my baseline of 95% drops materially. It then takes a 1 - 4 weeks to slowly recover back to my baseline. It then all feels like a distant memory.

If I don’t give it enough time to settle then I will trigger another flare up very quickly. If this cycle happens then each time it is tougher and longer to recover baseline.

I guess my main questions are: how long to recover to baseline and how are your patterns different if you are hit in quick succession.


@Lexi please recreate this as a poll or polls new Topics please or it’s going to be very difficult to aggregate and or interpret results. You are setting things up for a few disjointed rambles from current visitors which isn’t going to be easy to interpret or take lessons from?