Hey all,

Hope you’re doing ok.

I’m having a brutal flare up in symptoms and am suffering with panic attacks every day mostly in the evenings/at night. The cause of these seem to be a very strange feeling in my head. I find it very difficult to explain but it’s like my brain is overwhelmed, I wouldn’t say it feels dizzy (spinning) but definitely some kind of fast movement in my brain/something not right. The anxiety is absolutely crazy, it comes over my whole body and I can’t function. I don’t feel safe, in a state of panic and have to lie in bed holding on for dear life. I’m glad when I fall asleep and feel a little less crazy when I wake up. Can anyone relate to this? I feel crazy trying to explain it. Anything that’s helped if so?

Sorry that this is written so badly really finding it hard to function but desperate for some advice or to talk to someone who can relate.


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This is kinda how my dizziness is. I dont get rotational vertigo, more like an unsteadiness and profound foggy feeling over my mind that feels like I’ve been drinking a ton of alcohol. its really hard for me to describe too, but the best way that i can describe it is just a very intense “ugh” feeling that makes you want to close your eyes and scrunch up your face.

i would recommend getting back into the doctor. if the dizziness is severe and you can’t function, you can consider the ER. I went during my first few attacks, just because I didn’t know what was happening, and the migraine meds there helped. i get horizontal nystagmus during severe attacks, which was the give-away to VM for me.

So sorry to hear you’re unwell, are you taking any meds for MAV at the moment or did you come off of them. It sounds like you really need to consult your doctor asap and get some help. Have you ever been prescribed benzodiazepines for panic attacks?