Flickering vision

Hi Guys does your vision ever flicker when you look at the sky or when you blink? This happens to me a lot and when this happens my vision flickers a couple of times before I can focus completely. Note, its only my vision that flickers, not my actual eyes so I see this flickering when my Eyes are open. Hope u guys get what i mean here?

Not too sure what u mean but I have tons of odd visual symptoms! Xx

You mean like seeing flickers of stars or bright lights when there are none? If so, I had that last year for about a month!

no like the vision flickers a couple of times until it re focusses. its hard to explain aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh hate this wacky illness

Yeah, I have this - all the time every day it seems. Sometimes I can ignore it; other times I notice it constantly.

I notice it a lot when I like at the sky during the day and then look indoors

Yeah, I don’t look at the sky unless I have to or if it’s cloudy & grey. Any kind of change from bright to dim is problematic, especially at first. Or, switching from long-distance to up close - like driving to being inside a store (and stores are always a problem due to the bright florescent lights).

I hope today is a good day for you, Nabeel.