I want to go abroad soon. How was flying for you? Did it make you feel dizzy take off/ landing help!

Hey Blondie,

I put off flying for so long. But when I did it, I jumped in the deep end with a long haul to Cuba.
Didn’t increase any symptoms whatsoever. Since then I’ve done about 5 flights. Each time, no increase.
In fact the only thing I’d say is bad is the food and airport lighting.

I know some have experienced probs in flights though, but I think it might be only a handful…

No problems flying for me. The airport caused me a little bit of trouble but no different to a busy shopping centre.

Try not worry and work yourself up about flying

I’m one of the ones who do have issues flying. Take off and landing the worst. However, the other guys are right… I’m the minority.

I’m desperate to travel again and it’s my main reason for being so desperate to get better quickly. When I get back on a plane I’ll have valium and earplanes with me.

It’s mainly the head rush and sinking sensation of flight I don’t like. I’m not sure if that’s MAV making it worse, my anxiety or what. I know the sensation when the plane turns etc is quite severe for me. Maybe the more you fly the easier it gets too! I’m sure your vestibular system adapts.

Can I ask fellow MAVers how you deal with the sinking sensations and g force feelings on take off. I think I generally hate any sensation in my head as I’m scared it will start the spins or an attack! I often get sinking feelings with mav so its similar!

Blondie, it’s likely you’ll be absolutely fine. I think I’m the odd one out on this one! :slight_smile:

Also, I did fly from australia to europe and survived AND it was SO worth it !

I am scared of that aussiegirl if i go on a slide my head goes weird.
I went on a train a while ago and felt every movement on carriage it was horrible. This shit sucks I just wanna go abroad with my family x


I felt horrendous on take off, and turning- my head was swimming about all over the place.

And landing, I felt like my ears were being poked with some kind of surgical instrument.

But both of these settled, in particular the swimmy head. Once the plane levelled out after take off and after it went straight, it was ok. I didn’t even let the thought come into my head that I might not be ok or that it might stay feeling like that. Everyone feels a little off on take off etc. I figure us MAVers just feel it a hell of a lot more.

I know we are not making all these symptoms up, but I do believe a lot can be achieved through mind over matter in a lot of instances. I don’t mean to belittle anybody by saying that. But sometimes when you push yourself through something, you realise WOW ok I feel like shit but I felt a little less shit than I thought I would, yanno?

I figure that the worst that can happen is you feel awful on the flight and then you have a spike in symptoms in another country. At least you’re in a nice place. Hopefully you’re symptoms calm down then. You’d feel crap at home or away- might as well be away.

Donna, I haven’t flown myself, but if you feel good then definitely go for it. You don’t want to miss out and you won’t know until you try. Where are you thinking of going? Most people seem to cope ok with it. I have developed a fear of flying, not really cos of VM, but I just get so worried about crashing etc and it’s annoying because there are places I want to go to. Let us know how you get on xx

Only Spain Jem I’m not worried about crashes or anything I just worry I guess about the sensations in my head I’m scared.
But I’m only 26 what a boring life to lead if I can never go abroad because of fear guess I worry I will get stuck like it x

I think you have proved that you won’t get stuck especially with the meds that are helping you. I know the fear is always there for all of us though.

I wish I did not have this fear of planes and crashing though. I know it’s not VM related but it’s so annoying x

How are you Jem? I know fear is awful isn’t it!
Once I’m back at work June I’m going to try and get down to one Pitzotifen a day I’m craving chocolate 24/7 I think about chocolate all the time I know it’s the meds doing it as I’ve never craved sweet stuff like I do now it’s hard to control.
I’m still a size 10 but creeping up on scales I think.
It’s a weird med for the food thing I think about food a lot and am calorie counting daily to make sure I’m not exceeding calorie intake I’ve controlled it up till now but getting harder if I wasn’t running round after kids would be huge I think lol x

Yes I have read people say that about Pizotifen. I have always craved chocolate so being on nori hasn’t made any difference. I am probably putting on a bit of weight since my worst days last year cos couldn’t eat out or anything then. I try to avoid normal chocolate but Dr Silver says Milkybar is ok so been eating loads of that. I still want a big piece of chocolate cake or some lovely dark chocolate though!! I guess weight is a small price to pay if it means we feel less dizzy!! x

Yes your right it stresses me out though it’s a woman thing lol
I have the real thing ate about ten Easter eggs cadburys ones doesnt effect me and I’m addicted :confused:

Oh don’t, I could just stuff my face full of chocolate Easter eggs! :mrgreen:

MM thanks so much. I love your attitude. I’ve only flown twice and once was for 20 hours ( jumped straight in the deep end.)

I felt terrible but quite frankly I’m sick of this crap disorder robbing me of everything. I figure I’m in control of that to some extent so I have to get back on a plane. I haven’t even been on my honeymoon. I’m going crazy!! All I do is dream of travel or look at photos of my holiday to Europe years ago. The memory of landing in Zurich still gives me goosebumps because it was a dream of mine that I never thought I’d achieve because of this dizzy beast. But I did! I just refused to wave my family off without me and stuck my bum on the plane. I think I cried with happiness for an hour upon landing lol. They must have thought I was some crazy Australian woman!

Mm it helps to hear that others feel those sensations. Maybe I need to control my fear of them to get on top of this. When the plane lands I really feel a strong sinking feeling in my head that borders on swimmy dizzy. However, if I could control my fear and take on your attitude, I think id win half the battle. THANKS LOADS. Xx

Blondie, I am the same as you. Swings are also bad for me … I tried one the other day when babysitting . I think I’m sensitive to up and down motion. Heaps of people on here aren’t though and feel better in motion. I don’t think you will know until you try. Also, even with how I feel , I’ll still be aiming to get back on a plane. When I looked up Timothy hain’s recommendations for motion sensitivity Ami came up! I think you’re on that right? So perhaps that will help you? ! How are you in elevators? Xx

I go in lifts and escalators coz I refuse to let this win u don’t like them though I have to go in lifts when I’m out and about now as u have the baby in pushchair.
I’m fine when it goes up but my head goes funny when it stops but it passes. Is that similar to how u felt on the plane? Mine will only be a two hour flight guess we both have to bite the bullet.
Mal de barqment scares me though like if the sensation doesnt go away? :confused: will never go on a boat ever

I was really worried about flying a year ago, I went and got myself a job where travel to india was compulsory every 3 months or so.

My symptoms were really bad at the time, and I was on a high dosage of topamax plus I was travelling alone. SO the run up to that first flight was not good.

But in truth the flight wasn’t that bad, and I fly regularly now. I cannot look out of the window on take off or landing as any movement of my head at that time sends me spinning, I find that having the forward camera on the telly helps it seems to help keep my mind balanced.

One piece of advice… don’t drink too much! That will really effect your balance lol

If you are really worried ask your doctor for some valium, that seems to help those who suffer whilst flying


I understand how you feel Blondie - I couldn’t even manage the journey to the airport let alone the flight. Travelling in a car as a passenger feels like I am on a roller coaster and when I get out the car my legs give way and I spin. I too would love a holiday but I need to stop this motion dizziness first. I am going to try the tram into Manchester soon just to see what happens. I can always get off at a stop on the way if I feel too yukky. Its taking that step to force yourself in that situation and being happy with whatever happens - too hard to imagine i know :slight_smile:

Hey Donna,
I feel dizzy on escalators and in lifts and when getting out of a car but dont feel dizzy on a plane.
Becks x

Hi Blondie

I feel a bit different in a plane than I do in an elevator but at the end of the day it’s all motion sensitivity.

When I got off the plane I felt motion for day but it was a very long flight, then it just passed. My sister who doesn’t even get dizzy also felt motion afterwards.

I am the same on boats. I went on a ferry while over there. I felt awful. But then others have said they are ok on ships! It varies so much.

It does suck though. I also just want to enjoy a holiday too. I think missmoss had some good tips. it would be nice to just be able to look forward to a holiday! :slight_smile:

Blondie, I cant say I enjoy flying but I dont let it stop me having holidays.

My tips are to sit looking straight ahead and keep your head pressed against the back headrest when taking off and landing and breath deeply. Suck boiled sweets and keep your ears as clear as possible, concentrate on this.

Do not chat to the person next to you turning your head to face them, especially when there is turbulence.

I dont pick holidays where I have to fly longer than 3 or 4 hours at the most, mostly I havent had too many problems. Sometimes my ears take longer to clear than everyone elses when we land, but they get there eventually!

Five years ago, I did a short flight to Spain and 6 days later, out there, had a bad migraine, the severe vertigo attack I had after left me on the bed out there for 24 hours with the room spinning round, it was a particularly bad one, so I think, the flight out, could have affected my ears, then the migraine set off the vertigo. I vowed I wouldnt fly again. The following year I was off again, and I have flown numerous times since, that bad vertigo attack has not happened again since.

I am off to Ibiza in 3 weeks

Dont let this illness steal your life.