Hi , has anyone find any medication that has reduced the visual aura floaters? Thanks x

Hey no sadly not! My vision is seriously not fun at the mo! Everything in hd, floaters, flickery lines, things vibrate and move…yuk!

Poor you Lizzie , do you think that you have Lyme & vm ? I hope you find some relief soon lovely xx

Ummmm I hope I’m not unlucky enough to have 2 unrelated neurological problems, lol! I think I have been exposed to the Lyme bacteria but whether that has triggered chronic migraine activity in my brain or whether it’s purely an infective inflammatory process disrupting brain signals I am not sure…it may be that I need antibiotics and migraine meds I guess. How was the docs hun? Xx

That makes more sense poor you though - having to take meds for both. Sorry I can’t meet tomorrow, I’m really run into the ground this week and I’ve just started with a cold this week, hardly surprising as both kiddies are full of snot!(nice)!
Dr was fine, he prescribed propanolol very low doses. We shall see, I’m not full of hope for it to work but as you know we have to give it a try! Sorry if I ask you questions that you have answered before I often don’t have time to read posts fully xxxx

I have a host of visual problems, including floaters. Nothing had helped.