Flu and VM

Hi all,

How do you cope when the flu hits? I just recovered from a bad bout and my left ear is blocked which just makes VM worse.

Hi Carrie

I had flu in Jan/feb time and it really knocked my MAV. If I remember correctly I think it took me a good 5 weeks to completely get rid of it. I was alot dizzier than usual and headaches ramped up a gear. I used a neck hot water bottle and wrapped it around my ears to alleviate stuffiness. Im not sure it helped but it gave a little relief to my stiff neck.
Dont worry this will pass once the flu has completely gone. Thankfully mine did :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe an idea to get the flu jab in the future…

Hi MNEK18,

Thanks so much for replying! I wanted to respond earlier but computer screens were making me feel terrible. I feel sort of better now but will be seeing another ENT soon…

Any short term condition that affects ears, nose, throat will usually worsen MAV,

Flu jab will often do exactly the same too. Helen

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