Flu Jab

Has anyone else had an ongoing adverse reaction after having a flu jab. Since having mine in September, my MAV especially the balance aspect has been relentless.

Adverse reactions to flu jabs are fairly common. I noted several mentions on here. Personally I’ve had either four or five flu jabs to date. I reacted to the one I had in 2018, with increased dizziness etc for a few days, a week maybe. I wrote it up in my PD. This year I ended up with a swollen arm (injection site) for several days but no other symptoms. I read and I think it was on here somewhere one consultant said MAVers could expect reactions to last 4-6 weeks which surprised me. Med sensitivity is common with MAVers being just another sensitivity. All are the result of Central Sensitisation ultimately. Unfortunate for such to last for months but nothing’s impossible, no medication is totally side effect free for everybody. I don’t know if it’s any conciliation but apparently the effectiveness of the jab is pretty limited. As short as six weeks I’ve read so you can only hope the two wear off together maybe. If they are indeed connected might just happen that way. Of course there could be an element of coincidence as MAV symptoms do change/vary in intensity.


I wouldn’t have a flu jab if they paid ME to have it!

Bit cryptic that one for me. You going to elucidate or shall we just have to keep guessing.

There’s almost too much to say about it.
Your own arm blew up and you mention that the flu vaccine has little efficacy, then you go for another jab?

Perhaps it just a case that maybe Hope Springs Eternal?

Far as I remember to date I’ve had Flu Proper twice in my life, once as a kid at home and as a fit and active 33 year old a few months after moving into an old damp unheated house we later renovated. Not happy experiences either time. Given the choice of a sore swollen arm for 2/3 days or the memory of a week in bed with soaking wet sheets and a prolonged recovery period, I’d plum for the jab every time. A dose of The Flu with active MAV I try desperately to avoid. But I’ve a brother who would agree with you entirely.

Both my husband and my brother-in-law have experienced SIRVA (Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration) from flu shots. My brother-in-law actually had frozen shoulder from it. It occurs when the person administering the shot injects it into the shoulder capsule instead of the deltoid muscle.

Here’s an article about it:

Could well be. A lot can depend on the expertise of the person wielding the needle. I’ve had steroid jab for frozen shoulder before and never felt a thing. Others were in agony. And my mother would walk out on some nurses in her doctors’ surgery calling them ‘butchers’ because they’d cause her huge bruises taking blood. She had their card marked through many years of experience, However this year’s one UK flu jab has different format and I’ve both read and heard a lot of people have had similar reaction to mine from it and medics are blaming the vaccine. Like much else with medicine, who knows.

Let’s be careful about the anti-flu vaccine rhetoric, folks. I’m sure there are people who have adverse reactions but I believe there is clear evidence is that it’s quite rare. Flu vaccines save lives.

No anti-flu vaccine rhetoric from me. We get our flu shots every year. You just have to be sure that whoever is administering the shot is putting the needle far enough down your arm to avoid the shoulder capsule.

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Oh I didn’t - and wouldn’t - not have the jab because of experiencing an adverse reaction. As I’d already said above in this thread a sore arm for a couple of days is nothing compared to a dose of The Flu.

Sorry for late responses to your very kind comments, but it is my balance which has been adversely affected since my flu jab at the end of September 2019 not my arm/shoulder. I am 6.5 years in with MAV and feel I have gone back to square1.

Must just be a sign of the times but my main memory about this year’s Flu Jab was being unable to see across this huge hall to find my approriate numbered vaccination station due to the mask making my glasses steam over completely. Thankfully I could just make out the orange Social Distancing circles on the wooden floor so I followed those. Bit of a stiff arm overnight but this year No Dizzies.

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I had a flu jab for the first time ever a couple of weeks ago and can report that apart from a sore arm for a few days I had no adverse reaction. Much to my surprise my GP surgery had everything very well organised and I was in an out within 5 minutes - I was very impressed.
Needless to say, my husband who is needle phobic will not be having one - or the vaccine for Covid-29, if we ever get one. Happy days!

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No dizzies for me this year either. I had a couple of months feeling rotten after last years Flu jab. It was so well organised at our surgery but I can totally relate to the steamed up glasses haha. Take care

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