Flu-like symptoms

I was wondering if others experience Flu-like symptoms. What I mean by that is feeling feverish (with no actual fever), and generally just very unwell as if coming down with a flu or actually having the flu. It is so odd - I have dizziness (disequilibrium) daily, along with fatigue, brain fog, etc. However, on some days I feel even worse because of flu-like symptoms as well as nausea. Can others relate? I wonder why that symptom is intermittent while the dizziness is so chronic. Some doctors have seemed surprise by this flu-like symptom. Perhaps, it is attributed to increased triggers (weather, hormones, etc.). I wish my most disabling symptom of dizziness would be intermittent

Hi Lisa,

Yup, I can. I have said this to friends numerous times, how I feel like I’ve got the flu. I know many times that was also because of the SSRI I might have been on but even off them, I can still get the flu thing. The last major bout was after I flew to Toronto (from Sydney) last August. Two days after arriving with jet-lag etc and having travelled on a jet for 27 hours, I was hit with very heavy-duty flu-like symptoms. I was wiped out with aches and pain, heavy eyes, etc for 3-4 days (but no nausea). It then morphed into dizziness and non-stop neck pain. Are you taking any meds for this at the moment?

Cheers … Scott 8)

Scott - I am taking Verapamil 480mg with no help. After a few weeks, I have to try another med. I tried several in the past but never got up to a therapeutic dose. How about you? Are you on meds?

Hi Lisa,

I wonder if it’s possible that the Verapamil is causing the flu-like symptoms? Maybe Howie would know more about that. He has used it for quite some time and would be more familiar with it. I’ll ask him for you if he hasn’t already seen this thread.

I’m currently on Effexor, 5 mg, and so far feel better by the day although a few weird side effects have crept in. I’m in for the long haul though unless the SEs become too nasty. I too have a difficult time ever hitting a therapeutic dose. My solution to it this time is to increase Effexor at a snail’s pace.

Scott 8)

Yep, I get the flu symptoms every time I overdo it. The drs. then said I must have chronic fatigue syndrome as well, but I think, because others on this board have the same, it is one and the same. I often have a pricky throat, achy stiff legs, exhuasted, the fever is there a lot unless I take the painkillers for the headache, then the fever goes. I often think I am going down with a virus, then the next day it is gone.

Scott - good luck with the Effexor. that is great that symptoms are diminishing. I don’t think the verapamil causes the flu-like sxs, as I have gotten that on and off far before trying the drug. good luck again. keep us posted on the effexor

Just throwing my tuppence in - whenever I feel worse I get flu like symptoms aswell - the worst for me are fever, hot/cold, achiness and fatigue. There’s definitely a correlation for me. I did get diagnosed with chronic fatigue when I was at my worst, but I always felt it was just my body not being able to cope with the dizziness and migraine and so some of our other body functions just don’t get the proper amount of ‘functioning’. My theorey anyway!

Hi there

I’ve not posted for ages, so it’s a hello from me too. I get the flu symptoms,congested, watery eyes, burning eyes, hot and cold, achey and tired…I too think it is just the body telling me it’s exhausted from constant migraines and long bouts of vertigo. Sometimes the congested feeling and watery eye is a sign of a migraine for me. I’ve never been diagnosed with chronic fatigue.

Mrs G

Thanks for responding about the flu-like symptoms. I guess it is just another MAV symptoms or our bodies are exhausted from always trying to compensate. I am glad I’m not the only one (Although I wish none of us had to suffer). It is so strange, as my disequilibrium has not let up in 2 years along with other symptoms, but the intense flu-like symptoms and nausea are more intermittent. wish the dizziness was intermittent.

Hi Lisa,

I’m 6 weeks out from stopping Paxil and guess what started full tilt over the past 3 days? Major flu-like symptoms. It’s the sort of stuff you here people complaining about with CFS. This is a very bad episode and worse I think than the last one in Toronto in 2008. I’ve been logging all that has happened over the last 6 weeks and it’s a gradual descent into MAV hell. And I thought I could manage this with lifestyle and the odd valium 4 weeks back. Yeah right.

Anyway, these symptoms kind of freak me out because it makes me worry I have CFS but clearly others have had “episodes” of this with MAV and I came good last time. The last time I had it I was only on SJW so not much migraine protection really and I can’t recall ever having this so heavily while on an SSRI or at least not this severe and prolonged. What a weird disease this is. I still can’t believe I have this crap going on sometimes. :frowning:


Scott, did this come on after doing too much physically or mentally? Or both. Did you get achiness and stiffness two days after and bad fatigue. Do you start sweating after just half an hour of physical exertion. This is when they diagnosed me with the CFS. Just found out I wont be getting those results on the XMRV till the end of Summer, but will let you know.


Christine - it got much worse after doing some very mild physical activity. I walked up to the local shops and back which should normally be a breeze. Yesterday it was like I was a 95 yo man. And when I got home I knew I had made things worse. As time marches on from ending the Paxil, this sort of stuff is setting me off very easily. It’s continuous now. The aches, pains and stiffness hit pretty quickly and the full migraine feeling is in full force when I wake the next morning right now. No sweating or anything weird into the exercise … it just feels like a big effort and as though my body is saying don’t do it or else. Do you get IBS with this? My lower gut sings all night long.

So what distinguishes these symptoms from CFS? I think a lot of migraineurs experience this when in an attack. There is likely a lot of overlap. I was just speaking to a colleague who suffers migraine here at work and she too gets the flu-like stuff maybe twice a year.


Scott, I had tummy problems long time before I got migraines. Also, looking back, I had abdominal migraine as a child, every upset gave me stomach ache.

I have had some bad bouts of irritable bowel but I dont get it constantly, although it doesnt take much to give me stomach ache or just an afternoon of irritable bowel if I am in a tense situation.

Stress can set me off for 3 weeks but that doesnt happen very often now.

I had 4 months of it bad after a pelvic operation. I couldnt make out whether I was too loose or bunged up if you know what I mean :shock: What worked in the end was Linseeds morning and evening and digestive enzymes with each meal. I still stick to the linseeds now, keeps me regular and its got omega 3 I believe. I keep away from bran and too much wholemeal anything. If I have eaten too much or feel I am going to get gut problems in the night I take Betaine Hydrochloride (works well).


I too, get flu like symptoms…sometimes bothersome enough to take a couple Tylenol!!!

Yes, yes and yes. If I push myself I feel like I’m coming down with the flu. My body aches all over most of the time and I’m totally pooped. Do most MAVer’s suffer with fatigue?


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