Flu shot?

Just wondering if anyone has had their MAV get worse after getting a flu shot. I have never gotten the flu shot (nor the flu), but I’m due in February, and getting the flu this winter could be life threatening for me and the baby, so I’m considering it. Has anyone had a bad MAV reaction from it, or were you ok?

I can’t say that having the flu shot administered to me has done anything bad for me. Aside from a few cold-like symptoms, nothing has been out of the ordinary. However, the last flu shot I personally received was before I started getting these awful migraines. I would talk to your doctor to see if it’s really worth it to actually get the flu shot or not. The shame in all of this is that no one knows for sure whether these vaccinations do more harm than good. There are so many rumors that float around about vaccinations that you never know which points are valid and which aren’t.

Either way, good luck on your hunt for the right information!

No vaccines for me! Not worth the risk.

I get vaccinated all the time (I travel a lot) including the 'flu shot every year. I’ve never noticed any change in symptoms at all. I DO quite often notice migraine symptoms ramping up if I get sick - particularly colds/flu or anything gastro. So for me - the vaccine is the much better option.