Fluctuating Ear Fluid and Pressure- Migraines

I realize that MAV affects the ears, but I am wondering if anybody else feels like they get a feeling of increased fluid build up in their ears. In addition, I get a lot of ear pressure. My ENT is pretty sure I have MAV, but I don’t understand why a lot of my symptoms are ear related. So many of these symptoms seem to overlap Menieres. Anybody else have a lot of problems with their ears with MAV?

Lots of issues with my ears. Hyperacusis is the worst when active, full time sound sensitivity, constant pressure in my right ear-occasional in left, itchy at times, pain of varying intensity-sometimes sharp pain, hearing distortion, can’t listen to more than 1 sound source or it makes my dizzy and I have probably missed a few things in that list.

When I have a bad attack of MAV my right ear always feels like it is very full, similar to the feeling I get if I have a heavy cold.
I also have hyperacusis.

I get the fluid in the ear feeling, well it probably is as I have been diagnosed with endolymphic hydrops as well as the MAV. Sometimes my left ear feels muffled and blocked. When I lay down sometimes the left ear just keeps popping. I notice when my head is bad, the ear is worse and taking a painkiller can help the ear as well as the head so the two must be connected.

When I had the ECOG test and ended up with the worse vertigo of my life, I saw the neurologist who said it probably hit where my migraine is so they must think there is a connection.

I have low grade tinnitus most of the time. Last night I took some theanine for the first time, supposed to relax and help sleep, well I had the worse high pitched hissing sound in my right ear that went on most of the night, yet everything I read says theanine helps tinnitus.


i get a lot of pressure in my ears and sometimes they even hurt - i have horrible allergies and i also get pain/pressure behind the ears about where the eustacian tube is i think.
my ENT thought i had menieres but then last test he did he said i didnt - i don’t know

Yes I have mild high pitch tinnitus and my ear occasionally feels full, usually when I am very symptomatic. I am diagnosed with MAV.

I experience fullness (sensation of fluid in the ears) off and on in both ears. It started in one ear only, but a few years ago things moved into both ears. I do have a dual diagnoses of meniere’s and MAV which is what the docs use to explain my fullness. The only problem is that it gets painful at times and from everything that I have read, the fullness caused by meniere’s is NOT supposed to cause pain.

Just another reason I am not confident in the meniere’s half of my diagnoses.

Well all of your responses just helped to confirm that my ear related symptoms are not unique regarding MAV. This ear pressure stuff drives me nuts. It feels like my ears are constipated. Somebody should develop a laxative for ears. Anyway,I thank you all for sharing…


i like that idea - laxative for ears. mine are killing me today along with my head and sinuses. pollen is starting and i feel like crap. feels like someone is squeezing my head in a vice.

hope you feel better


Well last night after the theanine, I had the high pitched hissing in the right ear, then, today, that has gone and I have had roaring and muffled deafness in my left ear :? Along with it, has been a stuffy thick head. It feels like my left ear needs to pop to clear it.


I forgot to mention that I also have constant low level Tinntus which revs up louder on occasion.

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Somebody should develop a laxative for ears. Anyway,I thank you all for sharing…


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There is at least one juvenile/risque joke/shaggy dog which ends “. . . and the wax flowed out of his ears.”

Sometimes when i feel the need to perform my vestibular exercises i feel the fluid moving in the canal in my ear. It doesn’t always happen…just sometimes.


I’m new here, Hello to All! You all have been my saving grace over the last 5 months of hell, Thank You! I have been diagnosed with bi-lateral hydrops and MAV (although my doc calls is Vestibular Migraine—same thing.) I have all of the same junk going on that everyone here has. I had all of the same tests (MRI, MRA, hi-res CT, ECOG, ENG, VEMP, Rotary Chair----you name it, I did it.) I have an odd symptom…in the ear that is always “full feeling” I can HEAR my eyeballs move 24/7. I know, I know…it sounds like SCD. The doc went looking for that. But, ironically, the hi-res CT showed that that side (the loud eyeball side) was fine, but it was my other side (the one that had a higher reading of hydrops) that was “suspiciously thin.” I don’t “hear” anything wierd in that ear! So, I’m on Verapamil 100mgs. and Zoloft 37.5mgs. and trying to increase both. For 3 months, I’ve been on the 1,500 mg low salt and the migraine diet…niether of which I think helps. I’ve read the top 2 books and I also take a bunch of Magnesium, Feverfew, B Vitamins, Folic Acid, CoQ10 and some more supplements----I don’t think they have made a dent as well. Of course, like you all, the drug side effects make me feel worse----nothing new there. The doctor said that he thinks that the migraine is effected/causing the hydrops in both ears. He wants to try to resolve my symptoms with this migraine approach before he looks closer at the “suspiciously thin” semicircular superior canal bone on the right ear. I think it was the Verapamil that got me off of the couch, so now he’s added the Zoloft to address a possible serotonin issue causing the migraines. Does anyone else have this “hearing their eyeballs move” and they know that they DO NOT have SCD in the ear that they are hearing it move!!! Or is it possible to hear your eyeballs move even in the opposite ear that could have SCD?