Flunarizine and Effexor together?

Hello! Just checking to see who out there is taking both a calcium blocker (ie. flunarizine) and an anti-depressant (ie. effexor) for their VM symptoms. I’ve read that this combo can be good for combating the various symptoms, but wanted to know from you…the experts!!

My BFF is currently taking flunarizine, clonazepam, remeron (also called mirtazapine, an anti-depressent) and an anti-histamine (to decrease the vertigo/off balance), but is hoping to get off remeron and get on effexor, and hopefully get the clonazepam dose down when she starts to feel better.

She hasn’t found a neurologist or other specialist in Ontario who can guide the meds, if you live in that area please suggest someone who can help! Thanks!

I am on flunarizine 10 mg, ami 60 mg and will start zoloft 50 mg. I am having good results, almost no dizziness and mild headaches.

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Effexor and Flunarizine are different class of meds and no overlap and should work well. In the long term he can keep effexor as it has minimal side effects compared to flunarizine which can cause reversible parkinson’s and depression. Again the long term side effects need not manifest for everyone.

Overall how is your BFF doing on the current cocktail ?

Ive just been put on the same combo effexor and flunarizine did it work for you runner?

I took flunarazine for 2 yesrs, it’s been the only thing so far that’s worked for me. It gave my parkinsonism though, so i had to stop taking it. However, i’m going back on it because nothing else has worked. So make sure a neurologist checks your bff regularly for signs of parkinsonism as it’s a well known side effect. It was so subtle in me that i didn’t notice it but my neurologist did. It’s mostly reversible once the meds sre stopped but can take up to 18 months to disappear, as it did with me. I haven’t tried the other meds you mentioned so i can’t advise on those.