Flunarizine anyone?

My neurologist recently prescribed me flunarizine (Sibelium).

I took it for 3 days last month and was impressed by the results: no vertigo and i was stable when i walked. Muscles everywhere in my body were soooo relaxed too! Could be a coincidence but i doubt it. I will try taking flunarizine again, but i have to admit i am afraid because it may cause parkinsonian-like syndrome and it may be irreversible. It also may cause weight gain and depression. Not many people seem to have tried that medication, and the pharmacist told me that not a lot of research has not been done. That being said, since i seemed to feel a lot better on flunarizine even though i only tried it for 3 days makes me want to try it again. And the neurologist said it is just for 3-4 months.

Who has tried this medication? Did it work? What did you notice as benefits? Changes in your body? Side effects?


I have just been prescribed this drug. Did you continue to try? Anyone? I am new to the boards. I have been taking Acetazolamide, but it is not completely resolving symptoms. I just wondered if anyone has had good results, bad side-effects.

I was really afraid of the extrapyramidal symptoms so i spoke with my neurologist and he said i could try amitryptiline (elavil) first… and i have had reall good results with that, especially with chronic pain, dizziness, intolerance to light, visual flashes and headaches. It also improved my vertigo but not more than 50% i would say.

I spoke to my doctor about the potential Parkinson’s side effects. He has a LOT of experience with medications. He said it is extremely rare, and, if you notice some, discontinue use. I have had a lot of success with Acetazolamide, but it only brings me to about 70 - 80 percent.

Thanks for the info!

I have been on 5 mg. dose of Flunarizine for five days. I have significantly improved and have noticed no side effects other than perhaps a little more fatgiue. I was able to do pretty taxing workouts both weekend days, and I have a headache, but no affect on balance. By noon, the headache was gone. I am wondering whether I should take the increased dose, or see what this dosage does with a little more time.

I really like the Flunarizine. I went up to 10mg. a day, and symptoms are very improved. I have an m.d. recheck in a few weeks, so I will see how this drug does over the next few weeks.

Cool! I’m glad you found something that helps! Keep us informed! :slight_smile:


I saw my doctor in San Francisco. He said that the full affects of the Flunarizine are not apparent for three months. I have only been on it a month. I am the only patient who is on the combination of Acetazolamide and Flunarizine. I have had my share of medication failures in between, Verapamil being one. I have only had one severe migraine in a month, so that is good news. Also, I found that my symptoms are a lot more stable with the Flunarizine than just with Acetazolamide. I have been pushing myself at the gym, which does make me feel better.

Is anyone taking Gabapentin and Flunarizine? If so, how are they working together. What is the reasoning behind prescribing both?

I have tried Gabapentin before- unfortunately it made my balance worse and was really sedating. How are your 2 meds working now? I wish I could try the flunarizine but I don’t think they rx it here in the US?

Both meds are working well together. My U.S. doctor prescribes Flunarizine, and I have it filled in the Canadian pharmacy online. You have to wait about three weeks for the shipment, so plan ahead. If your physician can write you a prescription, that is all the on-line pharmacy needs.

that is awesome that ur dr. is willing to do that for you- did you have to suggest this drug or did he/she? I assume your insurance won’t cover it right? i would love to try this or pizotifen but not sure my dr. would agree to do this…

No, it was my doctor’s suggestion. Insurance does not cover, but the good news is that it doesn’t cost very much, about $50 for 300 tablets.

I know its old post but i just want to post my experience with flunarizine for others benefit.

I took the medicine for 6 months! And it was not helpful at all, it dis not reduce any symptoms.

I waste my time.

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