Hi All,

Have been on Sibelium (Flunarizine) for 10 days now. Not sure when (if) it will start working. Anyone been on this?



Hi Gerhard,

I have not tried this med myself though I know Adam has. He did not have a good experience on it and I think he reacted badly to it almost immediately. No doubt you’d know by now if it was not your cup of tea. This drug has shown some good results in clinical trials so I’ll be keen to know how you find it and if it works for you. Here’s some other links to it here on mvertigo if you want to follow it up:


Best … Scott

Hi, I´ve been on flunarizine 10mg at night for about 4 weeks now. I was wondering how you are getting on now with it? It knocked me out the first week but i struggled through. I think i am seeing a slight improvement although i am feeling very tired all of the time and i am now not sure if that is MAV or the meds. I have found that i can concentrate better and i can sit at the pc a bit longer and drive a bit more than before. My doc also prescribed melatonin at night, and i am not sure if that is helping either, the past week i have been waking as much as 9 times per night and feeling very groggy in the mornings. I would be really interested to here anyone´s experience on Flunarizine.

Gerhard, I posted my flunarizine experience in the old cinnarizine thread:

Good luck; hope it helps you.

Hi Gerhard,

I’ve just started on this about a week ago (5mg)and so far so good with the side effects, apart from maybe needing a bit more sleep. Sadly I think this is like many of the others where unless you get side effects, you need to soldier on for a while before you can write it off as ineffective. I’d say you’ll need to give it at least another few weeks. Have you had any probs with the drug at all?


Flunarizine can be very sedating for some people.My doc warned that if it had this effect on me that I should reduce the dose (so for you, go back to 5mg - 1/2 tablet), and then try increasing it again at a later stage. But that if I still felt sedated on a 5mg dose having given it a couple of weeks, then I should come off the drug as it wouldn’t be effective for me.