Flying Friday - NERVOUS!

First time flying since my MAV hit a year ago and I’m pretty nervous! I’m not a great flyer anyway so this doesnt help. I keep reminding myself that the final destination (Hawaii) makes it all worth it but still! It’s a 6 hour flight for me! I have Ativan just in case and an Ipod full of my favorite tunes. Any other tips?


I don’t have any tips but I wanted to wish you the best of luck and hope you have a wonderful time :slight_smile:

I am planning to fly to see family in a few months and am nervous also. I haven’t flown yet since MAV hit either, so please let me know how you do on the flight.

Take care and have fun.


I’ve also been avoiding flying since my MAV kicked off. I hate flying anyway, so fear of setting off another MAV attack on top of the usual phobia is not a good combo!

I hope you will be absolutely fine and be back soon to reassure all us nervous flyers that it was easy peasy!

I have flown a few times during migraine. I just have valium and champagne and that settles me down, only because l hate flying.

Sue :smiley:

I’m flying Friday for the first time also!
It’s not so much the flying part that worries me, it’s the airport and visual clutter on the plane. All my visual triggers seem to have lasting dizzy effects for multiple days :frowning:
I’m planning on loading up on ativan for the duration of my trip. I return Monday night…I’ll let you know how it goes!!
I hope you have a dizzy free (or a “normal dizzy”) flight!
Keep us posted!

Im afraid to fly as well. I just posted something similiar to this a week or so ago, and most everyone said that they have never had any issues with
flying w/MAV. However Hain’s website states to avoid it, then in another area it said only avoid flying if you have this and that, cant remember what
it was, just no wasn’t migraine.
Good luck, let us know how it went.

6 hrs? where are you flying from?


Canada to Hawaii…


You can search through my old posts. When I was in the midst of MAV, I flew Chicago to Japan to Taipei to Bangkok to Taipei to Beijing to Taipei to Japan to Chicago – all in two months. And I did that with two girls age 2 and 4. I was very fearful, it was my first time flying since getting MAV. It all turned out fine, you can get a better description from reading my old posts. Basically you need to take benzos and make sure that you minimize all the extraneous stuff like shopping, transport, waiting in lines, etc. Just make it as simple as possible, take a pill, eat, watch a movie, and you will be fine. The actual flying is the easy part. You will be fine, trust me.


I’ve flown several times ever since this MAV crap started. I got so nervous beforehand and each time I was FINE. I knew stress would make me feel worse, so to avoid that I made sure I followed the migraine lifestyle very well before hand and got to the airport with enough time, etc. When I was on my last trip in November/December I did things I never dreamed of (with MAV) like going on a boat cruise, drinking (only enough to get me a little tipsy), and swimming. It’s amazing how much better I felt on vacation. I always carried 1001 meds with me including valium and dramamine. I also suggest at the airport or drug store you should pick up “ear planes”. I have ear issues w/my MAV and they are great for regularizing pressure during take off/landing


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Don’t be afraid!!! The stress of worrying about flying is worse than flying. You’ll be fine. Take the benzos BEFORE …before you get the chance to work up a lather worrying about it. :slight_smile: Once you kick in all those fight or flight (no pun) responses, you are already getting your brain all worked up!!
Breathe…ahhhhhh…Hawaii…the best place on earth!!!
Maybe do more excersize right now to get your body pumping those endorphins…work off any added anxietyi…hot baths…did I mention breathe?? NIce and deep…a little lavender in your bath…put on a funny movie…imagine yourself on vacation having the best time and leave your MAV behind the best you can.
Best to you…

You might try mindfulness meditation in addition to direct treatment of the MAV. For me, anxiety was directly related to my migraines. I have been doing mindfullness meditation to try and deal with the anxiety and have found it also helps with the migraines. I was skeptical at first thinking it was just hokum, but there are actual studies that show it effectively rewires parts of the brain. (Closest I can find discussing the Stanford study … sans_drugs) Essentially you focus on the moment and do not worry about what will come in the next. Its not spiritual inherently.

I know first hand the stress of flying to Hawaii with kids. In fact when I got my diagnosis of GAD, it was literally the week before flying to Hawaii with my one and 3 year old. The stress of flying, on top of the GAD, triggered a migraine which in turn compounded the anxiety. I was so panicked, it was horrible. In addition to the medication, I attempted mindfullness meditation to reduce the stress, and handle the anxiety. I must have meditated every few hours during the week before the trip.

It helped a lot. Whether it helps with the Migraines directly, I don’t know. But it certainly helps ME deal with them and the associated stress. YMV

I agree with everything you said. I think mindfullness allows and trains the mind to think in the current situation, and sit in the moment for what it is, and that way the mind doesn,t get the chance to wonder about all of the other terrible things which might occur, which creates anxiety. The focus is more on the now. It helped me also through all of my anxiety issues. At the present, trying to refocus on it again, to get myself through this.

:smiley: sue