Flying trouble?

Hi everyone.
I am eager to see if anyone has any ways to help motion sensitivity on planes. I am ok in cars but on planes and in elevators the ‘rise and fall’ feeling makes me feel dreadful and anxious. I feel like when the plane takes off I get a major head rush sinking feeling and then when in the air everything seems ‘off kilter.’ the natural floaty sensation of the plane seems very exaggerated for me and I get in a major anxious state. When the plane turns I feel really disoriented and like I am sinking and on landing the sinking feeling is terrible. I would love any tips!!! Or to hear from anyone who gets this but has conquered it! I am desperate to travel and see the world with my husband and don’t want this to win. We are yet to go on our honeymoon and really feel like I am making him miss out too. I think my anxiety makes it worse on the plane but the motion feeling is awful. I also haven’t flown much due to the fear of it do maybe more flying would help. Thanks so much .

I have 1 word for you



Check out my posts on this topic. I flew all over Asia in the summer I had very bad MAV. No problems. Yes, you will need some benzo to help.

Amen to Lorcalon! 5mg Valium about an hour before take off. Haven’t flown on a long flight since MAV, but when i do, i think i will take it again an hour before landing.
Before MAV, I used to fly with Dramamine, but once my mav symptoms kicked in, the Dramamine was as useful as a sugar pill. I also get a window seat and sit as close to the front as possible (or right over the wing). I need to spend a lot of time looking out the window–otherwise, I spin when we take off, and at cruising altitude, I often feel like we are turning when we’re not…
Funny enough i was actually going to make a similar post after having flown several times recently (short flights). Not to hijack this thread, but i am considering calling my oto-neuro who diagnosed me with MDDS and demand he explain my flight symptoms…because i thought MDDS-ers felt normal during flights??? Anyone got input on that one?