SIMPLE QUESTION. Can we fly? On an aeroplane… not figuratively speaking.

Simple answer - Yes

Yes darling. I have flown loads whilst dealing with this s@@t, it’s fine for me the motion eliminates the dizzys xxx

I’ve only flown once since having this and was fine.
Was worse being driven there in the taxi and negotiating the airport departure lounge than being on the plane.

I agree with everyone else. I do fine on airplanes. Long car rides are tough, but planes have always been fine for me.

Thanks everyone! x

Hi all, so i flew and had a great holiday - a little rock but i’d say i was about 70% the whole time!

I’ve got home, and was fine last night - but have been VERY dizzy today - i don’t think this is due to the flight, as i was fine out there, but more due to the pro-longed travel and lack of food!

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