Does anybody here have done fmri?

Well Kon I’d never heard of a FRMI until you mentioned it. Using Search there are a couple of references on here. I understand it’s a Functional MRI

fmri- where the mri looks at the brain activity constantly, like a video mri but seeing which bits are working.

Certainly sounds very up-to-date. Have you been offered one or is it just a general enquiry?

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I was thinking to ask my neuro to deliver this test because it would be nice to check. I have this contstant desire to make my vision become loose, you know when you want to relax for a bit and chill your eyes. I would like to see if they found something.

Maybe not diagnostic, but the satisfaction of curiousity would be fun, if expensive.

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I think is a bit expensive, but it could possible show something, not sure though.