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Hello everyone! I got back from my trip to UCLA about 2 weeks ago. Here’s the update:
I flew without any problems, I think the turbulence makes everyone a bit quesy. My copay was not nearly what I was quoted, thankfully! @GetBetter My husband and I waited about 1 1/2 past my appointment time to see the Dr. However, she spent a full hour asking questions about my background, family history, symptoms, meds I’ve tried and my overall habits. She did a physical exam (looking in ears, up nose, walk on a straight line, et cetera). Since I’ve tried a drug in almost every class for treatment, she’s decided I should try some lifestyle changes. Here’s my treatment plan as of now:
Don’t water down the importance of exercise ( she wasn’t very specific on what type, so I’m just trying to move more in general).
Try a Mediterranean diet, no processed foods, msg, artificial sweeteners or sweets.
Drink at least half my body weight in water
Supplements: 400 mg of magnesium at night. I tried oxide, felt horrible on it. Now taking glycinate, no more bowel problems! 400 mg of folic acid 3x a week, 200 mg of CoQ10, B2 100 mg, B12 1000 mcg quick dissolve under the tongue, omega 3 500mg, eventually working my way up to 1500 a day.

Questions for my mvertigo friends: do I have to specifically take magnesium citrate, or should I stick to glycinate since it’s not upsetting my stomach?
Has anyone else tried/ been successful on any of these supplements? How long did it take you to see results? Which supplements helped with which symptoms?
Any input on the Mediterranean diet would be nice.

How I’m feeling: since starting B vitamins two weeks ago I’m not extremely exhausted like I was before. The CoQ10 has helped tremendously with my brain fog and memory issues. I can actually remember what I did 3 days ago in detail! That’s a huge feat for me! I also notice more sinus/head pressure and that my eyes feel like they’re tired and straining more now. I’m still on the Aimovig, didn’t notice a difference after upping the dosage this month. I truly appreciate any input from my fellow VM friends on here.

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Glad your appointment went well. Lifestyle changes do help. Mag glycinate is good. I also use magnesium theonate which helps with brain fog but upsets my bowel.

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Thanks for the input @GetBetter. I hope you find something that doesn’t upset your stomach!

I take magnesium bisglycinate, which is better absorbed and easier on the system than magnesium citrate. (Also more expensive.) You can take any form.

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