Food Allergy or Food Trigger?

Hi All,
I’ve been on the hyh diet for the past 2 months and have had limited success decreasing my migraine/vertigo symptoms so far. However, last night I cooked with dried chantrelle mushrooms (after adding water to reconstitute them). I haven’t had any issues with mushrooms in the past triggering symptoms so I didn’t think anything of it. Overnight, I was quite dizzy and when I woke up, I was super puffy under my eyes with dark circles. My eyes were a little itchy as well.

Does anyone know if dried mushrooms/vegetables have a similar chemical characteristic as dried fruits? I haven’t eaten any dried fruit as I know this isn’t part of the hyh diet, but I guess I didn’t think about veges!

Wondering if anyone has had a food trigger cause similar symptoms with their eyes or if this is me having a mild allergic reaction. Any thoughts?

Tyramine is probably the culprit there. Check it out. Also check out histamine intolerance . Guess that could cause itchy eyes. One basic principle behind migraine diets is the need to ‘eat fresh’ and ‘only fresh’ products. The spooning and preservation processes, all of them, can exacerbate levels of tyramine.