Food + dizziness

I know that migraines are triggered by certain foods but do you guys notice a reaction straight away???

Literally before i have even finished eating my dizziness/disequilibrium is instantly aggravated.
And usually lasts a few hours before settling down. However, i can’t work out what is triggering it.

I am interested in hearing other peoples experience in regards to their trigger foods and how quickly it strikes.

And has anyone heard of preservatives being a trigger?

Hi ella,

Have you red the book “Heal Your Headache”, Dr.Buchholz lists many hidden forms of MSG that are in many foods. I have heard that preservatives can be a trigger for some. It is hard for me to pinpoint which foods are my triggers beacuse I feel crappy all the time. I wish there was a moment where I felt great for week and then drank red wine or ate chinese food and then bam, the symptoms strike. Hopefully others on this site can help you who have discovered their triggers.

I’ve always felt my problem is somehow related to food but I’m not sure which one. Years ago, probably 20+ I remember when the “soft batch” cookies first came out I got very very “motion sick” as soon as I ate one. I also had a similar feeling with the Bounty candy bar. A couple others have given me this same feeling but I don’t remember what they are, bakery cookies from my local grocery store can do the same thing. They may all have a common ingredient but I don’t know what. Other than these I don’t think I have a reaction right away so I think my problem is a lot bigger than one ingredient in these few products.

Yes, preservatives can cause problems, definitely.

I personally get quite lightheaded when I eat certain foods with milk. I switched to rice milk and it seems to be working better…and the cereal too can be a factor.