Food intolerance

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Can you be tested to see if you have a food intolerance?

Hi, yes, I believe you can be tested to see if you have food intolerance or sensitivity. I have a friend who told me she was tested for food allergies and she was allergic to Peanuts, Tomatoes and Tuna. All foods she ate almost everyday. So she was not allergic in an anaphalactic (sp?). Anyway, what was interesting is that she discovered once she stopped the peanuts and tuna–her migraines dramatically decreased. So they were also triggers. I thought that was interesting. I know hers was an “allergy” test vs. an intolerance test…but still interesting.

There are companies that will test you for food intolerances. E.g. in the UK there is Yorktest Laboratories. However, it’s very controversial, and there is no robust scientific evidence to support this testing. For more info see this blog: … ience-say/